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Striped pencil skirt

I love a piece of clothing with versatility. Being able to wear an item dressed up or dressed down is such a plus when I am shopping for something new. This...

My Style

Black tunic with a pop of neon

I recently had a victory with my hair. I know it sounds silly, but I’d been waiting for this day for months.
I hate saying that I had regret when it came...

My Style

Animal Print Peplum Tank

It’s Valentine’s Day. A day filled with hearts, flowers, and candy. Well, not for everyone I guess! I love flowers. I love candy. But, I...

My Style

Faux Moto

Do you have a particular item of clothing that you have always longed to add to your closet?
For me, it is a moto jacket. Words cannot fully describe how much...

My Style

Two Tone Peplum

I’ve professed my love for peplum before, but alas, I have not always been successful at finding pieces that work perfectly in my wardrobe. Every time I...

My Style

A spotted blazer with ruffles

In the past two weeks, there haven’t been a lot of noteworthy outfits to share. My wardrobe has mainly consisted of ratty old shorts and tee...

My Style

Seeing spots in patterned hosiery

One thing I absolutely LOVE about the fall and winter season is that I can break out some creative and fun ways to keep my legs covered!
Yes, you can wear...

My Style

Dressing down the blazer

So, today’s outfit is actually a bit of a time warp. You see, I put together this outfit a little while back…before I cut my hair…and I never...

My Style

Jewel toned peplum

It took me a while, but I FINALLY added a peplum piece to my wardrobe!
I have long been a fan of peplum: it is such a feminine flair for a piece of clothing...

My Style

Transitioning Your Wardrobe To Fall

The leaves are changing color, there is a crisp bite in the air, Fall 2012 has officially arrived! Break out your pumpkin-flavored lattes and retrieve your...

My Style

Snowcat Shift

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while there is an occasion for me to get dressed up. My cousin’s wedding was one of those times.

My Style

Comfortable jeans and stripes

When I travel, I tend to find myself struggling in an internal battle. Do I pack outfits that show a lot of style, or do I opt for comfort and versatility...

My Style

Cropped jeans and animal print

Since the humidity in Florida is subsiding a bit, I decided to take the opportunity to break out a few “fall” items from my closet! Thankfully, the...

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