DIY Lollipop Flowers

Spring has sprung! Is anyone else astonished at how quickly the year is passing already?

I seriously can’t believe it.

DIY lollipop flowers 3

Flowers are always a sign of spring for me, so it should come as no surprise that I’m embellishing things around the house with pretty petals. Today, I wanted to share a really quick and easy tutorial for creating some cute little lollipop flowers. I’d give them out as a favor at a party…give them as a little treat for a teacher…or simply set them out on a table/desk for people to take and enjoy at will!

DIY lollipop flowers 2

Another great part – you can buy all the supplies to create these lollipop flowers at (you guessed it) the dollar store! Pick a crepe paper streamer color to your liking (or mix and match) and get wrapping!


DIY lollipop flower materials

You’ll need: lollipops (I used Dum-Dums), clear tape, crepe paper streamers, and scissors. That’s it!

DIY Lollipop Flowers step 1

To start, tear a piece of clear tape about one foot long and place it sticky side up on your work surface. Starting with the end of your crepe paper streamer roll, begin finger pleating the streamer in small folds. Stick the pleated paper to the tape as you go (leaving half of the tape’s width exposed; you’ll need it for wrapping the lollipop), pressing down to secure it.

DIY Lollipop Flowers step 2

When you’ve completed pleating the length of the tape, snip the crepe paper from the roll. You’ll be left with a long strip of pleated streamer, ready to be affixed to the lollipop!

DIY Lollipop Flowers step 3

Take a lollipop and place it at one end of the tape/paper strip. Make sure part of the tape is touching the stick of the lollipop a bit so the flower bud will stay put. Begin wrapping and pinching the pleated streamer tape around the base of the lollipop.

DIY Lollipop Flowers step 4

Continue pinching and twisting until the length of the streamer tape is used. Press firmly to secure the bud around the lollipop. I also tear an additional piece of tape 1-2 inches long and wrap it around the base for extra security.

DIY Lollipop Flowers step 5

Now it is time to fluff the flower! Gently slide your finger between the rolls of the streamer, unfolding the petals. As you work through the flower, the “petals” will flop downward: that’s ok!

DIY Lollipop flower finished

Once the petals are fluffed, gently place your hand below them and pop them back upward – you’ll be left with a fluffy lollipop flower! Adjust the petals as needed to make it look perfect.

DIY lollipop flowers 4

You can place the completed lollipops in a container for a pretty display at that point! Pretty little things, aren’t they?

DIY lollipop flowers 6

And if you feel like having a bit of variety in size with your flowers, you can always pick up some different sizes of lollipops at the store! I used some Tootsie Roll pops and coffee filters to create this one! I used the same method as my Coffee Filter Roses, but with the lollipop in the center! Easy peasy.

DIY lollipop flowers 5

So – do you think you will be crafting up some lollipop flowers in the future?



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