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Striped pencil skirt

I love a piece of clothing with versatility. Being able to wear an item dressed up or dressed down is such a plus when I am shopping for something new. This pencil skirt definitely fit the bill.

striped skirt outfit 4

This pull on ponte pencil skirt from LOFT is a stretchy knit skirt: it is so comfortable to wear! It would be great for the office in a dressed up style, but would also be wonderful to dress down casually with flats and a tee (which I know I’ll be doing soon). The length is perfect for transitioning between dressier situations and casual ones as well.

striped skirt outfit


However, this day called for some heels. I am telling you: these dalmatian spotted pumps from ZARA have gotten oh so much wear from me. They’re one of my favorite wardrobe items of all time (I’ve had them for almost two years now), and I’m going to be very very sad when I’ve worn them out.

I think we are finally finishing up with cold weather snaps here in Florida: it had been warm for a little while there, then snapped back to chilly for the past few days (especially when you’re down by the water in the evening). I think it was the last cold span of the season…beach weather is on the horizon, perhaps? I have been putting a lot of thought into each outfit I put on this past week: it might be the last time I’m wearing a sweater or boots for a while, so I am attempting to enjoy them while I can!

striped skirt outfit 3

Side note: this sweater is from the “Lounge” category at LOFT. It was my first purchase from that section, and I am officially in love with the comfort of the items offered. The sweater is lightweight and has the perfect amount of slouch to it. I have a feeling that some of their loungewear pants and other tops will make their way into my closet soon…I’m hooked (and as you can see, some of the items can be worn on a casual day or dressed up a bit).

Textured Hi-Low Hem Sweater: LOFT // Ponte Pencil Skirt: LOFT // Dalmatian Print Pumps: ZARA (similar here) // Urban Expressions Ditsy Hobo (similar here)

striped skirt outfit 2

Are you ready to transition from your cool weather clothes to warm weather ones?



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  • I’m SO ready to start transitioning. It’s been cool longer than normal here in Texas and I’m ready to bust out my shorts and dresses! I love that skirt – I need to find some good pencil skirts – they’re so cute!

    • Ah, we are the exact opposite with the weather here! Our dang winter was so warm….but the past few weeks have been a bit chilly. With my luck, I’ll miss the cooler temps as soon as they’re gone and replaced with heat and humidity!

  • This outfit looks so cozy, yet professional! Unfortunately I’m going to be stuck in sweater weather (which is to say, snow boots and winter coat weather) for a while still 🙁

    • Brrr! Well, if it makes you feel better, we’ll have extreme humidity/heat in the summer, so I’ll be hiding inside my house in the air conditioning and cringing any time I have to get inside a hot car. Haha!

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