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Fitness Fashion Friday

So – it’s Friday. And I feel like that gives me an excuse to throw up a themed post. Fitness Fashion Friday, anyone? Here’s the thing: in the...

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Barre Beauty

It’s been a while since I posted a style roundup of sorts. But I’m back today. I’ve mentioned before that because I am working from home now...

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Beach time!

Although “beach season” officially begun around Memorial Day weekend, today (for me) marks the first day of the summer season. School is officially...

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A hint of green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all! I’m launching into my week of spring break, and there just might be a little shopping involved (not going to...

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Pretty Patterned Scarves

Well, I went and got myself into a scarf kick. Go figure. It’s a dangerous accessory addiction, if I do say so. I could accumulate quite the collection...

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Statement Worthy

Sometimes trends make their way through the fashion ranks and fade into the distance a few months later. Sometimes I’m quite happy to see them go...

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Bling Bling

Every girl needs a little bit of bling in her jewelry wardrobe; wouldn’t you agree?
Although I don’t consider myself to be the kind of girl who...

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Winter Wedding

As I was perusing my calender recently, it became quite clear to me: December is just a few short weeks away. And…in the month of December it just so...

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Totes and Towels

It’s beach season!
I’ve already contemplated what to wear to the beach (and actually picked up an awesome ruched one piece suit at Marshalls the...

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Everything Eyelet

I’m not over my love for eyelet yet. Would you believe it…the dress I showed you yesterday is not the only one I added to my closet this season...

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Pretty One Piece Bathing Suits

It’s undeniable: beach and pool season is almost upon us! Well, if you live in Florida like I do, it IS already here. The temperatures are already in the...

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