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Styling the classics: dress them up, dress them down

Some things never go out of style. A flattering pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt, a pair of black pumps…none of these wardrobe items will do you wrong. There is a reason certain items are considered classics: year in and year out, they’re reliable choices in your closet.

Thankfully, there isn’t just one way to wear a classic. These pieces can be incredibly versatile building blocks. Today I want to share my take on two classic wardrobe pieces: the little black dress and the little black skirt. I’ve styled each for a casual day around town, as well as a more “dressed up” situation.

Let’s start with the little black dress. You probably have one, and your first instinct for a LBD would be to wear it to a party or for cocktails with friends:

I like to jazz up my little black dress with a pair of patterned tights (I’m absolutely smitten with the ones pictured), a bold color/print shoe, and a clutch to carry my wallet and phone. Since the black dress is simple, feel free to really go for it with the accessories – they will really make your outfit pop! Adding a cardigan in a rich jewel tone would be great if you’re worried about getting chilly.

But what about dressing down the little black dress? Even though my LBD is on the dressier side, there is a way to style it for everyday wear. Pair your LBD with a casual fabric in a button down style (I was digging my chambray shirt for this look) and tie a knot around your waist to define and create a casual look.

Make sure to wear a pair of flat shoes to keep the look casual. I love pairing black and brown together; brown hues tend to make a style appear more daytime appropriate, and is a combination that looks great when done right! Don’t be afraid to mix them!

Another classic item I bet you have in your closet is a black skirt. Heck, you might even have more than one of them (I know I do)! My first instinct with a classic black skirt is to dress it up with a pretty printed top, pumps, and a fun necklace:

This look would be a sassy look, perfect for the office (in my opinion)!

And how to dress this black skirt down, you ask? My personal suggestion is to add a chunky knit sweater to the mix, as well as a pair of knee high boots. It will soften the formality of the black skirt and make it perfect for a daytime look!

Again, as you can see – pairing black and brown works wonderfully together! Adding gray into the mix is another option.

There you have it – two classics styled both up and down! Hopefully you can be inspired this fall to mix and match the staples in your wardrobe.

How do you style your little black dresses and black skirts? Do you dress them both up and down?


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