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Transitioning Your Wardrobe To Fall

The leaves are changing color, there is a crisp bite in the air, Fall 2012 has officially arrived! Break out your pumpkin-flavored lattes and retrieve your coziest pieces from the back of your closet as you retire your summer clothing.

When transitioning to a fall wardrobe, layering is the key technique to consider for comfort and wearability. Autumn temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day, from chilly in the mornings and evenings to almost eighty degrees midday, depending on where you live. Layering keeps you comfortable at all times, but it can be tricky to pull off One of the most important layers in your fall wardrobe is your underwear. These pieces should be your first consideration when it comes to outfit planning. If your undergarments aren’t right, your clothes will not lay quite as beautifully on your body. Aside from making your clothes lie properly, the right undergarments can add confidence to your appearance. When you look good, you feel good (and vice versa); your posture improves as you stand more confidently (which then also helps your clothes fit better!).

I love Vanity Fair’s Modern Coverage line – it has options that pair flawlessly with your fall layering. The bras in this collection all feature a lower cut and slightly less coverage than Vanity Fair’s other lines, which is great for fall layering since you are able to accommodate a more diverse choice of clothing with this style. As for what sets the different bras apart: The Modern Coverage Extra Support Bra features built-in slings in the underwire for extra support.

The Back Smoothing Bra has a front closure, as well as convertible shoulder straps (regular or racerback options), making it great for tees and tanks.

The Look Lifted Bra has light padding designed to create uplift without being a pushup for a natural boost.

When you begin layering a look for fall, try to keep smoothness in mind as you select your pieces. You want layers that will sit well on top of one another without bunching. Also consider your activities for the day: Will you likely be removing a layer as the day warms up? Make sure you are able to take off a piece and still look appropriate for your setting.

In addition, think about length — when layering, clothes of different lengths can be visually appealing for overall style. You don’t want to completely lose a layer by covering it up. Wear a longer blouse underneath a structured blazer, or a classic collared button-down under a cozy V-neck sweater to add visual interest.

Here are some examples of how I’d tackle some layering in my fall wardrobe: Here, I layered a black lace camisole with a printed chiffon blouse, and topped it with a classic black blazer, boyfriend jeans, and pumps. You can remove the jacket for a more casual look if the temperature rises.

For a more eye-catching look, go for a bold animal print, layered with a classic black V-neck tee underneath. You can leave the cardigan loose or belt it for structure. And who says you can’t layer your necklaces as well?

What’s your favorite way to layer? Let me know in the comments!


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