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Tribal Tunic

Do you ever get slightly tired with your appearance? I know it happens with me, and I had definitely been feeling that way for the past few weeks. A lot of it...

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Birthday Brights

So…yesterday was my birthday. I’ve officially entered into the final year of my 20s. It’s crazy to think how fast time has gone by...

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I’m sure we have all experienced it at one point or another: hesitation. It can sometimes be hard to take a leap of faith, change your schedule, or...

Home + Garden

Bedecking the Bedroom

So it may not be a resolution for 2014, per se…but I do have a goal to accomplish: finishing up the decor in our home. Maybe it won’t be to 100%...

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Stripes and Statement Necklaces

Today I’m asking myself: where has the week gone!??! Last week, the days seemed to drag; it felt like Friday would never arrive. Perhaps the shortened...

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Resolve to be: more active

We are now officially into the beginning of 2014: did you make resolutions this year? Have you stuck to them for these first few weeks?

I sometimes hesitate...

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The Gifter

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I’m really hit and miss when it comes to preparing in advance for holiday gift giving. I like to find the...

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Date Night Style

So, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. I don’t know about you, but typically for my household, that means tonight is an occasion to go out to...

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Turquoise and yellow

I am aware that fall colors are starting to permeate the fashion world at the moment, but I am still very happy to don my brights. There is something about...

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Bold Brights

Oh this dress. This dress this dress this dress.

This amazing dress by Muse was a fabulous find from Marshalls for Project FAB (if you’re a super fan of...

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Black tunic with a pop of neon

I recently had a victory with my hair. I know it sounds silly, but I’d been waiting for this day for months.
I hate saying that I had regret when it came...

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Cropped jeans and animal print

Since the humidity in Florida is subsiding a bit, I decided to take the opportunity to break out a few “fall” items from my closet! Thankfully, the...

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Bright and breezy print

Ah, summer. A time for bright, breezy prints and maybe even some short shorts to keep cool. Florida: you are insanely hot and humid right about now...

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