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Bedecking the Bedroom

So it may not be a resolution for 2014, per se…but I do have a goal to accomplish: finishing up the decor in our home. Maybe it won’t be to 100% completion, but I am hoping to get things to a state where guests can feel the style/personality of our home when they walk through the rooms. Things have been going well in the past few months: we replaced our boring light fixture with my beloved orb chandelier, we put a fresh coat of paint on the guest bathroom (maybe 2014 will bring a remodel? Maybe not…), we got a new couch to replace our pilling sofa (which I still haven’t showed yet!), I cleaned and started to put together my home office, we replaced our entertainment stand, I repainted our coffee table, and I FINALLY decided on some wall hangings for our living room and (eventually) our bedroom. By eventually, I mean that I’ve purchased the pieces and they are leaning against our bedroom wall at the moment. I’m hoping that having to constantly look at them sitting there will get me in gear to wrap up my projects intended for the bedroom.

hallway space before

But for today: I focused on the awkward corner of our room by the bathroom. We have a small hallway area in front of our bathroom, connected to the bedroom. I was lucky enough to snag a fun mirror from Home Goods a few months back – it was a great size for the space…knowing that I had a plan for a small table to go below it later on. The previous owners also had a very strangely placed pendant light fixture there. I am STILL trying to figure out the purpose of the placement, as it is to the side in such a random location. It isn’t centered over the hallway space (which to me, would make more sense), not to mention it is not my personal preference for light fixture in general.

hallway space with table

Forget about the light though. I have plans to replace it…hopefully soon. I have been more concerned about the random amount of wall and floor space in that area of the room. There was clearly enough space for a small table or vanity. I knew I wanted to find one. I knew that about a year ago. I know this sounds pathetic, but I’ve been searching for a small table to fit that space for a very long time. I had never spotted one that spoke to me…until I walked through Marshalls recently. Go figure. I should have known it would happen at one of my favorite stores. This little white table immediately drew my attention: I had a feeling it would fit the space. And wouldn’t you know it? It did!

perfume bottles

hallway space with table and perfume

Hello there, little table! It is going to be the perfect space for me to place some of my “girly” items…like my perfume bottles…

turtle jewelry dish

…and my jewelry dish! This little turtle dish was another Home Goods find; he was perfect for holding my stud earrings on my new table! I am truly hoping I won’t end up cluttering up my new piece; it adds a nice little pop of style and purpose into the corner instead of leaving it as an awkward hallway space. Now…to find a new light to replace the current one. Perhaps I will have to find a fixture that I can swag over the center of the space…one in a lighter color as well!

Do you have any “awkward” spots to decorate in your home?

***Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB.


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