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Turquoise and yellow

I am aware that fall colors are starting to permeate the fashion world at the moment, but I am still very happy to don my brights. There is something about turquoise and yellow that makes me feel happy, so I have no qualms about wearing this color combination year-round.

turquoise print dress

Since my body is accustomed to waking up early for work, I was wide awake before 8am rolled around on Sunday. As I’m sure everyone knows, the Phillip Lim for Target line was launched that morning. Because I was awake, I decided to drive over to my local Target to get a glimpse of the goods. I ended up taking home this yellow crossbody handbag. I’ve been looking for a new yellow bag for quite some time, so it just seemed right. The size is perfect to tote my essentials; it is roomy enough to hold my sunglasses case, wallet, hairbrush, and more.

Philip Lim yellow satchel

Even though it is a pop of color, yellow is such a versatile shade. Yellow bags and shoes coordinate with so many outfits in my closet; it is pretty much a neutral. Yellow looks good with black, it looks good with brown, it pairs well with navy, and with brights too! Do yourself a favor and add a pair of yellow shoes or a yellow handbag to your wardrobe.

turquoise print dress

I snagged this comfortable but eye catching turquoise and purple printed dress at…where else? Marshalls. Although it is too short to wear to work, I’m glad I can slip on a pair of sandals and wear it on the weekends. I’m hoping I get a few more wears out of it before the weather begins to change. Oh wait…who am I kidding? The temperatures will not drop below the 80s for quite some time. That’s Florida for you, folks! My sweaters, pants, and boots are still rotated to the back of my closet…waiting patiently for the day I can shift them to the front.

turquoise print dress

Turquoise printed dress: Charlie Jade, purchased at Marshalls // Yellow crossbody handbag: Phillip Lim for Target // Nail polish: Sally Hansen Salon Effects (similar at ULTA)

Did you shop the Phillip Lim for Target collection? Pick up any good pieces?


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