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Stripes, animal print, and a bow!

Oh summer heat, you have officially arrived. I am so thankful for my new collection of brightly colored shorts in my wardrobe: they are going to be a...

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A sassy striped dress

I’m such a fan of the easy, “throw-on” dress when I need to run around town for a few errands. I like to keep it simple, but it’s great...

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A quick outfit: floral shorts

Today’s post is going to be rather quick. I’m filled with a bit of nerves: I’m doing something pretty exciting (and something I’ve been...

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Black maxi and beads

I’m pretty sure that a black maxi dress could end up serving as a uniform of sorts for me. The versatility of a simple black dress is hard to beat...

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High-low part 2: the tank

When I showed you my high-low chevron dress on Tuesday, I mentioned that the trend was somewhat new to me. And then I realized: I actually have TWO items in my...

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Style: Stripes and Sequins

Today, I’m feeling a little bit sparkly…can a girl really resist some sequins?

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I found this black sequin skirt at…you guessed...

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More mixed print adventures

Lately, I’ve been having fun mixing and matching the various patterns in my closet. A few years ago, I never would have been bold enough to try it...

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Nerdy Plaid

Some days, feeling nerdy is a good thing.
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Throwing on a plaid shirt with my big nerdy glasses was just what the doctor ordered. Comfortable…a...

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A Colorful Caftan

There is something wonderful about an easy, breezy caftan dress. It’s a simple silhouette; I love the fact that I’m able to dress it up or down...

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Mixed print adventures

Mixing prints can be confusing at times. I’ve only recently started to combine complementary prints in my wardrobe; it’s a challenge! To be...

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From the back of my closet

It happens. When the seasons change, I rotate my closet. My winter clothes are currently in the armoire upstairs in our loft and my summer outfits are taking...

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