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Resolve to be: more active

We are now officially into the beginning of 2014: did you make resolutions this year? Have you stuck to them for these first few weeks?

90 degree by reflex jacket marika tank outfit

I sometimes hesitate when it comes to making resolutions at the new year. I want my goals to be realistic and achievable, so telling myself I’ll give up something completely or reach a goal that is potentially unattainable doesn’t hit home. Yes, there is something to be said about pushing yourself to reach new levels, but I don’t want to discourage myself either.

90 degree by reflex athletic jacket back

Last year, I decided I needed to commit to hitting the gym/doing physical activity on a regular schedule. I am happy to say that I achieved that goal for the most part. Everyone has a week here or there when it is just too hard to get yourself in gear, and that’s ok (hence why I didn’t make it my goal to be at the gym a certain number of days EVERY week in the year…I would have been destined for failure). I know it isn’t original, but I want to keep that resolution for 2014 as well…but perhaps kick it up a notch with a few added goals. I have NEVER been able to do a pull up…not once in my life. I got extremely close over the summer, but never was able to get my chin over the bar. I’m hoping that I can recommit myself to my gym schedule and make that one measly pull up happen in 2014.

90 degree by reflex jacket marika tank outfit

I also need to make more of a commitment to bringing Lucia along for walks/runs when the weather permits. Right now is the perfect time of year before the heat comes back (I can’t run outside when it gets to be 90 degrees and humid. Just doesn’t happen), so I’m hoping to make a conscious effort to taking the pup out and about so SHE can get some exercise too!

90 degree by reflex jacket details

Oh, and can I just point out the awesomeness of this new athletic zip up from Marshalls? I have always wanted a jacket with thumb holes, and now I have one in my collection. It’s the little things, you know? I love that I can find an entire workout wardrobe at Marshalls – their athletic wear section always has incredible finds. My drawers are now stocked quite full with athletic tanks, pants, and more. Hooray, Marshalls!

90 degree by reflex athletic jacket outfit

Athletic jacket: 90 Degree by Reflex, c/o Marshalls (similar at Old Navy) // Striped athletic tank: Marika, purchased at Marshalls (similar also by Marika) // Athletic compression pants: Old Navy // Nike In-Season Trainers: purchased at Sports Authority (same shoe, different colors on Zappos)

Did you make any fitness related resolutions for 2014? What are they?

***Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB.


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