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DIY IKEA Tarva makeover

Today is the day – I teased our newest DIY project for our bedroom on Instagram a little over a week ago. Today – the tutorial (and pictures!) for...

Home + Garden

Bedecking the Bedroom

So it may not be a resolution for 2014, per se…but I do have a goal to accomplish: finishing up the decor in our home. Maybe it won’t be to 100%...

Home + Garden

Meet our new chandelier!

This one was a long time coming, folks! When we first moved into our house, some of the lighting choices were not my favorite. They were fine…they...


DIY Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial

Last week, I debuted the coffee filter flower lampshade that I am oh so proud of. But, how did I create those flowers, you ask? Well, today I am going to show...

Home + Garden

Trials with the Taverna table

Alternate title: Why Crate & Barrel has probably blacklisted me from ever making a purchase from them again.
Just kidding.
I want to start this post off...

Home + Garden

Our Home: a fresh coat of paint

Last week, I took you on a quick photo tour of our new home. And, as promised I am going to keep updating you on the status of the changes we make as time goes...

Home + Garden

Our New Home: The First Tour

Ok, so I think it is as good of a time as any to show y’all our new home! It’s been almost 2 weeks since we moved in, and there are already a ton...

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Living Room Inspiration

Well, the time has come: it’s moving week!
Boxes are stacked almost to the ceiling…we’re selling furniture on craigslist…the reality...

Christmas Holiday

Our Home for the Holidays

Today, I thought I’d give you all a little peek into our cozy little home. Although I wouldn’t say Justin and I go all out for Christmas decor, we...

Home + Garden

Our Humble Abode: Revamped

Last month, I gave you a small glimpse into our humble abode…with our bedroom decor.
It’s true: we live in an apartment. The thing I hate about...

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