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A DIY Lamp Makeover to Rest Easy with GE Align™ PM LED Light Bulbs

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DIY Lamp Makeover

I don’t know about you, but I consider my bedroom to be a sanctuary of sorts. It is a place to relax, to unwind, and to rest my head at night after a long day. Therefore, creating a peaceful mood is essential. Over the past two years living in our house, we have undergone a bit of a bedroom transformation, but there is still more work to be done. I am always finding new items to add in to the decor, organizational items to keep things in line, and I am constantly thinking of new DIY projects to conquer. That brings me to today’s project: a DIY lamp makeover!

DIY Lamp Makeover

Our bedroom dresser pretty much serves as our nightstand at the moment. I really did enjoy the lamp we had on the dresser, but it was missing a bit of pizzazz. The silver lamp in place was perfectly fine, but I wanted to take things up a notch, and it happened to come in the form of an old lamp.

DIY Lamp Makeover

When I managed to get my hands on this horse head lamp, I was SO excited to make it over into something spectacular for our bedroom. At first glance, it wasn’t flashy enough (or the right color) for our bedroom. But I knew just what to do. A quick trip to the store to obtain a can of glossy spray paint was pretty much all it took.

DIY Lamp Makeover

I started by prepping the lamp by cleaning it off gently with a damp rag. I let it dry, then used painter’s tape to cover the top of the lamp (where you screw in the light bulb), as well as the cord. After thoroughly shaking the spray paint can according to the directions included, it was time to spray! I went outside (a well ventilated area) and began spraying to cover the brown lamp to transform it into a beautiful, glossy sea foam green. As I was applying the paint, I just KNEW how awesome it was going to look. Spray paint: it’s magical.

DIY Lamp Makeover

Once the paint was dry (about an hour), it was time to put the lamp together and place it in its new home! I picked up a brand new lampshade that I knew would look great. A nice, bright white shade with geometric folds was a great contrast to the look of the lamp.

DIY Lamp Makeover

Oh my goodness: what a difference! I could not be happier with how well this little DIY project turned out, and how it has transformed our bedroom into a fun yet tranquil space. It is just what we needed.

DIY Lamp Makeover

DIY Lamp Makeover

Next step: the new GE Align™ PM LED Light Bulb! I have been particularly excited about this item. These bulbs help promote the body’s natural sleep cycle, which is a great thing when it comes to creating a peaceful environment in the bedroom. It is engineered to reduce blue light (versus an ordinary light bulb); if you use the light 30 minutes before bedtime it can help your body maintain its natural sleep-wake cycle. The GE Align™ PM LED Light Bulbs don’t impede melatonin production. I don’t know about you, but anything that will help me to get rested is a wonderful creation! I am no longer in my early 20s and able to be a night owl and an early morning riser, after all. My sleep cycles have been all over the place in the past year or so; I find myself waking multiple times a night, which is never fun! Being able to achieve natural sleep is a huge accomplishment. The bulb creates a very warm yellow/orange color, which is great right before bedtime since it is reminiscent of candlelight and campfires. It’s even better that I can acquire these bulbs from Amazon, which makes life extremely easy! The bulbs were delivered to my door in an extremely prompt fashion, and the ordering process only required a few easy clicks. Currently the GE Align™ PM LED Light Bulbs are only available on, so make sure you check there for them!

Amazon GE Light Bulb

I also want to mention that there are GE Align AM light bulbs as well, which are great to add to your bathroom or in the kitchen to help with the wake cycle in the mornings – cool! They can also be found on

Have you remade a lamp in your house before? What did you create?

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  • This is a really cute idea. I’ve been wanting to do something with LED light bars, so maybe I’ll be able to do a project like this. I would love to have something custom in my home that added to the decor.

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