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Two New Additions to the Office

I really have been on a roll with home decor lately. It’s funny how I spent almost the entire first year of living in our house without deciding on how to decorate the space. Then, in the past few months I’ve all of a sudden gained momentum. I’ve been discovering and deciding on pieces of furniture, art, and other decor left and right. I did mention that my mission this year is to get our house to an almost fully decorated state (aside from renovations). I just might do it, folks! My little home office space is starting to come together lately. I have plans to make the main wall in the room into a gallery wall, so I have begun accumulating framed art, canvases, and the like. It might take me a little while to piece everything together to cover the wall as I hope to, but I’m part of the way there!

But today isn’t about the gallery wall. Today is about two new additions I picked up at Home Goods. Do you remember the bit of dead space I have just inside the office door? It looked like this:

home office wall and closet

My original plan was to purchase a small unit of Expedit shelves from IKEA for the space. However, when it came down to measuring the wall space, the wall was too short by less than an inch. LESS THAN AN INCH! Needless to say, I wasn’t pleased. Thankfully, one of my favorite stores came through for me when I was perusing recently.

Home Goods white cabinet

This sweet little white cabinet was just too cute to not take notice. It is definitely smaller than the Expedit so it doesn’t offer as much storage-wise, but I love the bit of whimsy it adds with the scalloped detailing.

Home Goods silver faux taxidermy deer

And as luck would have it, I happened upon yet another find that was perfect for hanging above the cabinet! I know the faux taxidermy has been all the rage, but I had never laid eyes on a piece that looked quite like this one. The silver finish was definitely a draw, as well as the detailed plaque behind it. So cute!

Home Goods silver faux taxidermy deer and white cabinet

The pieces together definitely make me smile, and are adding a touch of style to the room as I work to complete it. One corner down, one huge gallery wall to go!

Home Goods silver faux taxidermy deer

Have you been decorating a particular room in your house lately?



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