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Well, the time has come: it’s moving week!

Boxes are stacked almost to the ceiling…we’re selling furniture on craigslist…the reality of a move is upon us!

I’m really excited to give everyone a tour of the new home, but that will have to wait a few more days. In the meantime, I’ve been busy putting together some inspiration for our new living space.

The thought of furnishing a house, painting, and making everything much more permanent is both exciting and overwhelming. Since we’ve been living in an apartment, I have not been able to paint a wall in ages. I can’t tell you how much it excites me to pick out a paint color (or a few). The painting process itself I might not be so jazzed about, but the finished product will be exciting!

Aside from the paint, I’ve been dreaming up ideas for our living/dining room. The space is an open, large room (which I love), so it will all need to coordinate in the end. Today, I’m focusing on the living room half.

We have already purchased the Lounge sofa from Crate & Barrel in Chinchilla (a gray/taupe color) – it’s being constructed at the moment and will probably arrive around the end of the year. The wait…it is painful. I also picked up two big accent pillows in the Ikat-style pattern as pictured…at HomeGoods!

I’m hoping to find some beige and white graphic printed curtains for the front window of our living room…curtain panels can be expensive though! I’m making weekly trips to HomeGoods to check out the selection – sets of 2 window panels seem to run about $20 there, so it would be a great deal if I was able to find some! Crossing fingers…

As for the other accents: I’m kind of digging the cowhide style rug to lay in front of the couch/under the coffee table (which I purchased last week and will need to repaint…perhaps a bold/bright color…pull out the blue from the couch pillows? Maybe I’ll paint it gold…I’m still not decided. I think I need to see everything in place to know what I want to do), paired with a green accent chair to the side of the couch. As for an end table…it is in progress…right now it looks like this:

Yep. That tree stump is going to be an end table for the side of the accent chair. Right now the stump is drying out for a little while before I seal it/paint it. I’m still pondering whether I want to leave the stump with its natural color, or go bold with metallics. So many decisions to make…

Do you like to think about new ways to decorate your home? What is the color scheme in your living room?



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    • I have an addiction to HomeGoods…and I’m sure it will only get worse now that I have a house to furnish! But with those prices…it isn’t such a bad addiction…

  • I cannot tell you how much I love the idea of your end table. You are going to love that couch!! My living room is in garnet and gold. Weird coming from a Gator Girl. I always said their colors made great for decorating.

    • Oh my goodness, HomeGoods’ pillow section is insane! My store usually has 2-3 aisles and such just filled with pillows. And of course, the same items are never there twice…so there are always so many to choose from and look through. I was lucky enough to snag the ones I did….I haven’t seen any I’ve liked since that trip! Whew…

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