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Our Humble Abode: Revamped

Last month, I gave you a small glimpse into our humble abode…with our bedroom decor.

It’s true: we live in an apartment. The thing I hate about living in an apartment is that I am very hesitant to decorate walls. Hanging pictures/art requires putting holes in the wall that have to be patched before we move out…paint has to be re-applied…its a pain in the butt.

However – on one of my routine trips through T.J. Maxx the other day, I stumbled upon something amazing! A wall decal. I’ve heard of them; I’ve seen them; I’ve never used one. But, at $9.99 I figured it was worth a shot to at least try it out!

Last week, Justin helped me to apply the decal in our bedroom next to our bed. Here’s a refresher on what it used to look like:

Pretty, but nothing too exciting, right? Well, look at our cute little decal!

I thought it fit perfectly sprouting up behind my jewelry armoire…

I am so happy with how it turned out. There is something oh so very satisfying about a $9.99 purchase that spruces up a room so simply!

So…what do you think?


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  • It looks great- I love it! I’ve seen so many decals online that I have been lusting over and this post might encourage me to bite the bullet and purchase one 🙂

  • I love it. My husband and I had a rustic themed wedding this past September. Our living room has a big tree portrait above the fire place, branches here and there and other rustic hints. 🙂 I love the tree wall decal. I have always been afraid of them, but I will have to check them out now! 🙂

    We too are renting and it is frustrating that you have to patch holes after you move out. However, I must say that you should make your temporary place of living, your home – decorate it the way you want. It will be frustrating when you move out, but you will enjoy living where you do (even if it is temporary) way more if you decorate the way you like rather than holding back. Find a friend who is in the same boat, maybe ya’ll could help each other out and make it more fun. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing a piece of your home. 🙂 I am posting a fun weekend project my husband and I did either today or tomorrow on my blog. I would love it you would check it out. We hung 22 picture frames, 2 mirrors and 1 shelf – imagine the holes we are going to have to patch in probably 8 months! Eeek! 🙂 We love it though!

  • I think it looks great! 🙂 We have one decal (a clock with some birds on it) above our fireplace in our family room — they’re easy to put up, and you’re right…no messing with spackling/painting when you’re done.

  • Looks great! It’s funny how something so small can add so much. Great find and an awesome price. You can’t go wrong.

    I’m curious about the decals. How do they come off? Do they leave a mark?

  • I saw those too and really wanted to buy them, but was worried that they would still leave sticky-residue behind. Any thoughts on this? I want to try them now! I just don’t like the idea of losing security deposits because of it.

  • I love it!! I think often times wall decals can look kind of cheap, but that is TOTALLY not the case with this one! It’s kind of perfect, actually. Hmmm might need to find some for myself!

  • Pretty!! It’s so detailed and looks perfect right there! I’ve never used any wall decals, but the majority of our walls are textured, so I’m not sure how well they’d work. 🙁

  • I can’t believe how well it went on! It looks great! I love that you keep it really simple in there, but have a big impact at the same time.

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