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Meet our new chandelier!

This one was a long time coming, folks! When we first moved into our house, some of the lighting choices were not my favorite. They were fine…they worked…but were not my style per se.

Old dining room chandelier

One of these light fixtures in particular was our dining room chandelier. It looked ok, but really wasn’t suited to our long, rectangular wood table in the space. Back when we first moved into the house, I had immediately marked this fixture for replacement. But I needed to find the perfect piece to decorate the space instead.

West Elm orb chandelier

It just so happened that I stumbled upon an orb chandelier at West Elm shortly after our move in date. I knew I loved it, but I couldn’t pull the trigger on the purchase at the time. I thought I’d take some time to mull it over and shop around before making any decisions. Well, that “mulling it over” period lasted almost a year.

West Elm Orb chandelier

I searched high and low to find another option that made my heart pitter patter quite like the orb chandelier, and none appeared. So, a few weeks ago the time had finally come. West Elm was having a store-wide sale and I would be able to score the chandelier for 20% off. I went in to the Tampa store to order the light fixture so I would avoid having to pay shipping (in store pickup as an option? Yes please). And what do you know? Even though they told me on the phone they did not have it in stock at the store, when I arrived at the location and they started looking up the item, it just so happened that the fixture had arrived a few days prior and wasn’t out on the showroom floor yet. What are the odds? I was able to take the chandelier home with me that very day. SCORE!

West Elm orb chandelier

Assembling and hanging the orb chandelier was a bit of a process, but Justin was able to install it the next morning without too much of a struggle. And my oh my does it make a difference in the space! What was previously a standard, run of the mill light piece is now much more stylish. I couldn’t be happier. The dangling cords look a little bit crooked in this photo, but they have straightened out through gravity over the past week or so.

West Elm orb chandelier

Have you had a hard time picking out a light fixture for a room in your home?


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