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Our Home: a fresh coat of paint

Last week, I took you on a quick photo tour of our new home. And, as promised I am going to keep updating you on the status of the changes we make as time goes by!

First up: the paint! The previous owners had the interior of the house painted a medium brown color in flat paint. Honestly – it appeared darker in person than it does in my photos. There was also a hallway and section of the kitchen that was a brownish red hue. I wanted to brighten things up with my decor and color scheme, so I looked towards lighter shades of paint. As much as I love gray and was tempted to go with that, I wanted to bring in a hint of color as well. Benjamin Moore’s Paris Rain ended up being the winning selection for us, and I could NOT be happier with the results. It is a grayish green, and the appearance changes depending on the light in the room – sometimes it looks gray, sometimes it looks more green…but it never stops being pretty! And Benjamin Moore paint in general is really great – we got an eggshell finish on ours, and the paint itself glides on with ease and covered really well…we only needed to apply a primer to the dark reddish brown walls (we could have just done 3 coats instead of 2, but we did 1 coat of primer to conserve the Paris Rain as much as possible).

Benjamin Moore Paris Rain

The living/dining room, kitchen, and front hallway are all painted in Paris Rain now. It definitely lightens and brightens up the room, in my opinion! We also repainted the ceiling and the trim…they were looking a bit yellow. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do!!!

As you can see, some furniture has been added as well. The couch and chair pictured is not permanent – our couch is on order/being made right now, and I’ll be replacing that arm chair with another one as soon as I find one that I like. I’m looking for a funky chair…perhaps in mustard yellow to bring out the color in the couch pillows. However, I am waiting until my sofa arrives to make a decision…I’m waiting to see it in the room! I also have a cowhide rug on the way for the space between the couch and TV stand. I’m hoping it looks good…time will tell once it arrives! Little by little, I’ll get this house whipped into shape…

I clearly need some window treatments for the front window…but am waiting until one strikes me and isn’t insanely expensive. As for the walls? They’re looking pretty bare…but I have a few projects I need to start with that will take care of that problem soon! It’s time for me to get out the craft supplies….

So, what do you think? Are you a fan of sprucing up your living area with a fresh coat of paint?


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      • Funnily enough I am not a fan of it either and had gotten rid of it via giving it to my in-laws when my husband first moved to America and then when we came back to Sweden they were so pleased with themselves that they still had it and brought it to our apartment!

  • LOVE the new color! It will go well with some many different colors. You should check out the chester chair at West Elm if you are looking for a yellow armchair! It’s tufted 🙂 Dandelion I think?

    • Ooh, interesting. I will have to check it out! I think I might wait until the couch arrives to fully decide on what I want…so at least I have a bit of time left to start looking in advance!

  • Great wall color! And for just having moved in, it looks great – my house was covered in boxes and piles for WEEKS. Ugh, my least favorite part of moving!

    • Haha…oh that is all an illusion, I swear! We have the 2nd bedroom completely packed with boxes right now…it’s scary to have to go in there!!!! 🙂

  • It looks amazing Katie!!! I love the color and I love your decor style! The bf prefers a more rustic and earthy/browns palette, so I’m going to have to work with that once we decide what we’re doing house wise 🙂

    • Thanks Beka!

      Perhaps I’m spoiled…I am glad that Justin is a little hands off when it comes to decorating. I ask his opinion, but I get the decision. Thankfully for him, I don’t tend to like decor that is too “girly” (at least in my opinion), so he seems to like it quite a bit.

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