SOHO makeup brushes: giveaway!

I have a really wonderful thing to share with you today (actually, a set of things)! When the folks over at SOHO Beauty contacted me about testing out some of...


Essie: As Gold As It Gets

It’s official: I have an addiction to nail polish. I can’t get enough of them: all of the colors under the sun: glitter, shimmer, matte...


L’Oreal EverStrong Review

Happy Friday everyone!
To get your weekend started, I wanted to share one of my go-to, everyday beauty products with you: L’Oreal’s EverStrong line...


Red Carpet Manicure

As an at-home manicure gal, I am oh so very excited to share a product with you today.
For me, the thought of shelling out the big bucks at the nail salon for...


Zoya nail polish: Clara

Well, Zoya has officially won my heart.
In contrast to the extremely bright pink Gilda polish I was wearing last week, today I’m testing out a much more...


Zoya polish: Gilda

I have heard oh so many friends rave about Zoya nail polish recently. I admit: I became quite curious. When Zoya recently held an offer for two free polishes...


Essie: Angora Cardi

I just had to pop in quickly this Monday morning to let you all know something: I have a new favorite nail polish.
I know…stop the presses.
Anyway, I...


A Clean Hairbrush

How often do you clean your brushes?
When it comes to makeup brushes, the answer is simple: once a week for my main brushes (powder, blush, bronzer) and after...


The Gibson Tuck

A few weeks ago, I realized a childhood dream of french braiding my hair. Apparently I hadn’t had enough hair styling fun, because when I saw a tutorial...

Beauty+Style My Style

A Sexy Dress Dilemma

Here’s the situation:
Over the past two years or so, I have realized that most retail stores do not stock clothing in sizes that fit me off the rack. It...

Beauty+Style Everything Else

Owning my beauty

A few months ago, Melinda from Palindrome at Home wrote this post, where she proudly posted some self portraits of herself sans makeup. “Dang,” I...

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