Zoya nail polish: Clara

Well, Zoya has officially won my heart.

In contrast to the extremely bright pink Gilda polish I was wearing last week, today I’m testing out a much more subtle shade of polish on my hands. Clara is warm peach color, and it is oh so pretty! It is definitely warm and inviting, and is a nice contrast to the light pinks I am typically drawn to.

This would definitely be a great shade of polish to select if you aren’t ready to be adventurous with a bright/bold color, but are interested in something just a little bit different than the “usual.”

If you want to step it up a notch, you can add some sparkle. I picked up Zoya’s Tiffany, which is a complementary shade of glitter polish (it is a peachy copper color). I brushed a quick swipe on the tips of my nails to add some shimmer – I’ll have to show you the outcome, because it looks fantastic and adds just an extra bit of pop!

Do you prefer a neutral nail or a bright pop of color?


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