Essie: As Gold As It Gets

It’s official: I have an addiction to nail polish. I can’t get enough of them: all of the colors under the sun: glitter, shimmer, matte, glossy…you name it, I want it.

I was so excited to open my March Birchbox this week to find a new Essie nail polish inside: score! I’ve wanted to try one of their Luxeffects glitter polishes for a while, but I had not yet pulled the trigger. Good thing, because now I have one of my own! Behold: As Gold As It Gets:

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As Gold As It Gets is a gold glitter polish. One thing I love about the glitter in this bottle is that it isn’t symmetrical. Other glitter polishes I’ve tried in the past have flecks that are circles or hexagons, etc. These glitters are more of a “shatter,” if you will. They are different sizes and not all the same shape. I love how it appears on my nails.

In my opinion, As Gold As It Gets is lovely and subtle on it’s own (subtle glitter? Who knew!)…but paired with a colored polish it could really pop! I would definitely recommend picking up a bottle if you’re in the market for a new glitter nail polish: it’s pretty great!

If you’re looking for somewhere to buy it, may I suggest Nordstrom: it’s $8, and you get free shipping…fantastic, right? Also, if you aren’t already signed up for Birchbox and would like to, here’s a link to do so!

Have you tried one of essie’s Luxeffects nail polishes? What do you think?


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  • I love the Essie glitter polishes and combined Chanel “Black Satin” with Essie’s “A Cut Above” for NYE! The look was really fun, though a little too bold for everyday wear 🙂

  • OK this post is very fitting because I have a big Essie question. I just bought my first bottle last night and was… very disappointed. To the point I may return this bottle.

    I’m no stranger to painting my nails, so I was super surprised (and frustrated) to see the polish was so thick! As in I could barely cover the entire nail before it started to dry thick, which resulted in a pretty uneven surface. I had to use nail polish remover and start from scratch several time to try to get it right.

    Bad bottle or is this just how Essie is??

    • Hm, that’s not good! 🙁

      In my personal experience, Essie polishes have never been thick. Most of them are “regular” thickness in comparison to any other nail polishes I’ve owned. And, some of them are actually thinner! I have Plumberry, and it is probably the thinnest, easiest to paint on polish I have. Perhaps you got a bad bottle? I would either contact Essie or the place that you bought your bottle to get a replacement…because that doesn’t sound right to me! 🙁 Sorry to hear that though…

  • I’ve been wanting this one for a while! Also Shine of the Times, love that one too. Have you seen L’oreal’s (whoa…that looks weird…) new polishes? I bought one – Because You’re Worth It – which is a metallic gold that is somehow still subtle (i.e., it’s not IN YOUR FACE) and I love everything about it. I’m definitely going to try out some different colors!

  • Hey, I am curious about Birchbox. I checked out their website and it’s definitely interesting. Could you do a post about it. I’m not sold yet but if you shared more about your experience with them, the kind of stuff you get, etc. it would be very coo. Thanks!

    • Hi Jenn! I plan on doing a post about Birchbox soon! This was the first month I received a box, and so far I’ve been impressed…I’m excited to see what arrives in future months as well…

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