Jergens Natural Glow Express: a review

Over the past few days, Florida has experienced quite a cold front (it was in the 30s on Sunday morning! Brrrrrr). I am still waiting impatiently for the day when I am able to visit the beach and get some color in my skin! However, for now, I’ve turned to other methods to achieve a sunkissed look. My current self tanning lotion of choice? Jergens’ Natural Glow Express – and I’ll tell you more about it now…

If you want to pick up some Jergens Natural Glow Express, I’ve found it for $6.79 at Jergens Natural Glow Face can also be found for $6.79 at!

I’d love to know if you have any other favorite self tanning lotions – I’m always on the lookout for new things!


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  • I’ve been using Jergen’s Express every other day (all year round) on my face and neck for about 4 years now! Ever since I got a free sample at Target when it first came out. It’s my go to face lotion and I love the bronzer like glow it gives me without looking like a pumpkin! I don’t usually tan my face at all anymore, so mixed with spf it’s great even in the summer to avoid any burns, while maintaining the glow! Def an awesome product!

    • The Natural Glow Face is definitely a great little product! My face is always more pale than my body, so I like that the face lotion can at least catch me up a bit!

  • This was timely! I was seriously just standing in Walgreens yesterday, staring at the self tanners and generally being clueless. I don’t need a full on tan, just a little hint of color to make me look less sickly…I’m not one of those that looks well with pale skin, though I wish I were. They all looked really intimidating, so I didn’t buy any. I think I’ll give these a go – I’m mostly concerned about streaking, as that’s what I’ve usually had a problem with in the past. I figured if I mix a bit with my regular lotion it’ll be even lighter and perhaps avoid that problem? Or did you find that streaking wasn’t a problem with this in general?

    • That’s funny that you mention mixing it with regular lotion – I totally do that too sometimes! With the Express, you’ll definitely get a contrast in color if you miss a spot…I usually end up having that problem with my feet. Oooops. But as long as you are thorough when you apply on your body, there shouldn’t be any problems I don’t think!

  • I too love this product. As a generally pale girl, my other favorite product are the Loreal Tan Towels and the one-day Loreal gel that washes off in the shower. Great stuff!!

  • I also always mix mine with lotion so I don’t have orange elbows and knees! Clarins has the best self tanner I’ve ever used (and it smells yummy) but it’s pricey. Honestly, I’ve grown to like the instant bronzing airbrush ones the most because you don’t have to worry about streaking and stuff…but then you have the issue of it rubbing off everywhere. So if you happen to find one that has all of these things combined..let me know!

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