The Gibson Tuck

A few weeks ago, I realized a childhood dream of french braiding my hair. Apparently I hadn’t had enough hair styling fun, because when I saw a tutorial this week I knew I’d have to try it. Usually when I see hair tutorials, I ignore them. My hair is thin, very straight, and only about 2 inches past my shoulders. All of the beautiful curled hair styles that I see would fall out of my hair in about 5 minutes. Sigh.

But this…this style I could do! So, on Monday afternoon I gave it a try. It was so easy…so simple…but so chic! All it requires is a ponytail holder and 3-4 bobby pins. I’m not kidding. The process reminds me of the Topsy Tail (remember those?). Put your hair up in a ponytail first. Then, you slightly loosen the ponytail and wiggle a hole into the center, right above the hair tie. Next, you twist your ponytail into a ball and tuck it into the hole you created. Secure with a few bobby pins/adjust so everything looks even, and voila! Pretty simple, but with a great effect! My Gibson Tuck is a little more sleek than the one you’ll see on the video tutorial, but I wanted to illustrate that it still works on hair that lacks texture!

To see the video tutorial, visit Simply Stardust’s blog! You’re welcome.

I always carry a hair tie and a few bobby pins in my handbag in case I need to put my hair up in the middle of the day when I’m out. Now, instead of a ponytail, it is going to be the Gibson Tuck all the way!

Do you have a favorite hair tutorial/style that you use or would like to try? What is it?


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