5 Beauty Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat

When the summer months hit, it is necessary to adjust your beauty routine to match. I’m sure many of you know what I mean: the temperature rises, the humidity increases, and it sometimes becomes seemingly impossible to maintain your beauty.

Since I’m a Florida girl, I tend to think that I have some heat beating beauty tricks in my back pocket. I have to deal with the heat for the majority of the year, so I am of the mindset that I know what I’m talking about to some extent. Today, I have a list of 5 beauty tricks that I use to help me beat the summer heat (and humidity). Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Anti-shine products.

Smashbox Anti-Shine / Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer / MAC Matte / MAC Oil Control Lotion

Using makeup products that have oil control and reduce shine are a must for me. My Smashbox Anti-Shine is a used daily on my face before I apply foundation, and it is a life saver. However, I heard that this product has been discontinued…but they’ve incorporated it into their Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer (which is intended for skin that is oily, sensitive, or acne-prone), so all hope is not lost. Other anti-shine products that I’ve heard great things about are MAC’s Matte and Oil Control Lotion.

I know that some of these types of products can seem expensive, but in my opinion they are well worth the investment (plus they last a long time). I can tell a huge difference on the days that I wear my Anti-Shine and the days I don’t.

2. Keep your moisturizer (and other makeup) light.

In the steamy months, it is essential to not apply makeup heavily. With the heat, your makeup tends to “melt” off of your face, so keeping your moisturizer and foundation light is important. Less is more! Get rid of the thick moisturizer you use in the winter and trade it out for a thinner formula. I like Olay’s Complete All Day UV Moisturizer for sensitive skin (and it’s under $10 for a bottle that lasts a long time!).

3. Use a clay mask to reduce oil.


Boots Botanicals Conditioning Clay Mask: Target / Mint and Lemon Facial Clay Mask: ULTA / Aqualibrium Sea Mineral Mud Mask: ULTA

Once a week, I apply a clay mask to help reduce the extra oil from my face. Why clay, you ask? Clay absorbs the moisture, instead of adding more to your face like some other masks do. It definitely helps me to cut down on break outs, so make sure to pick up a bottle and try one out yourself.

4. Keep a travel size body spray on hand.

It’s hot outside, and there is nothing worse than having the sinking feeling that you don’t smell as fresh as a daisy. I always keep a small bottle of body spray (usually a travel size) on hand in my bag to spritz and refresh. Bath and Body Works is great for that!


I cannot stress this enough: use products with SPF at all times! In the summer, you are outside and exposing your skin to the sun, so make sure you’re keeping protected. Thankfully, many products integrate SPF into their formula, so you don’t have to purchase things separately. Just make sure you keep SPF in mind when you’re at the store!

What are your summer beauty tricks to beat the heat?


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  • Great tips!!! I haven’t tried Mac or Smashbox products but am so glad to know they’re out there now. I just started using some Lush products and have been happy so far. I will have to check their masks, I think they have one that has clay too. I hadn’t even thought of using a mask! Thanks for the tips!

  • I totally agree with your anti-shine product picks. That is so important, especially when you have oily skin (I have oily skin too). I love Smashbox products and I agree that it’s worth the cost. The products last long and they actually do what they say they do, which is rare in the makeup world! Great tips!

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