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A Sexy Dress Dilemma

Here’s the situation:

Over the past two years or so, I have realized that most retail stores do not stock clothing in sizes that fit me off the rack. It is frustrating…but I make it work. Thank goodness that leggings have been quite popular lately. Regular jeans? Forget about it. A dress that does not need to be belted or taken in? Not usually going to happen. So, when I happen to stumble upon an item of clothing that fits me…any item at all…I feel the desire, no…the NEED, to purchase it. Because, who knows when I will find something similar again?

Enter: the sexy dress. I found a beautiful BCBG dress on sale last week. And, not just any sale…we are talking 70% off. Seeing a discount that low rarely happens for me, so I was drawn like a moth to the flame. There it was, just staring at me. I walked into the dressing room, figuring that it wouldn’t fit me anyway. But guess what: it did. And now I have a dilemma.

Here are the details –

Original retail price: $268

Sale price: $86 (with tax added)

Clutch: Adrienne Vittadini

Shoes: A.B.S by Allen Schwartz, purchased at Nordstrom

I love the dress. It fits me like a glove, and I think it is sexy yet age appropriate for me. It is double lined; the material is thick and good quality. So…what’s the problem?

I’m trying to be honest with myself. Do I have somewhere to wear it? Not at the moment. I wish I did. Will I have somewhere to wear it in the future? Possibly. So, do I hold on to it in the hopes of having the perfect occasion to show it off? Or, do I let the realistic side of me win and return the frock? I’m so conflicted.

I have 30 days to decide: does it stay or does it go? I’ve been hemming and hawing over it for a week now. The discount I received was insane, I love the color, and the fit is fantastic. I just am all dressed up with nowhere to go…what should I do?


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  • I would totally keep it. It fits perfectly, you love it, it’s on major sale . . . the only issue is not having an occasion. One will come up (and if you don’t have a reason to wear it soon, make one!). 🙂

  • Here’s what you’re going to do: You’re going to keep the dress and you’re going to make your husband take you out in it, because you look damn good. You will also wear it and think of all the other women who wouldn’t be able to get the dress over one of their thighs. You will wear the dress and ROCK it when you wear it. That’s what you will do 🙂

  • KEEP IT! If you love it that much (and it DOES look really great on you), you should not return it. You will find somewhere to wear it and will be happy you didn’t return it!

  • You absolutely need to keep it. That is an amazing price and that dress looks smoking hot on you. The hubs will just have to take you out on a nice date so you can rock the dress out in public.

    I will give you a major frowny face if you return that dress; it looks like it was made for you!

  • Keep it! I am a firm believer in dresses like this coming in handy when you least expect it. Keeping your closet well-stocked with many different types of outfits keeps you from having one of those awful moments where you’re ridiculously under- or over-dressed. Plus it’s just too damn cute to return.

  • keep it! you will have an occasion to wear it one day. birthday dinner, fancy cocktails, etc. you look too hot and fabulous in it to let it go!

  • You MUST keep it! You look like SUCH a hot momma in it! Fancy Valentine’s Day dinner here you come. I mean, if I was your husband I’d MAKE an occasion to take you out in public in that dress. Just Beautiful!

  • You should keep it, 110%! It looks absolutely fab on you, and you will eventually have an event to wear it to. Especially since it’s hard to find stores and clothes that fit you.. it’s a must keep!

  • Keep it!! You look so good in it! You could wear it out to dinner with your husband, to a bachelorette party, for a night out at a club, even to a rehearsal dinner!

  • You’re crazy!! You keep it! And you wear it on that awesome honeymoon that you’re going to take very soon, and you make that husband of yours take you somewhere awesome so you can wear it, and you keep it for years because it’s a QUALITY dress, so it will last. 🙂 KEEP IT.

  • Pshhh, you should know you have to keep it! AMAZING dress, hard to find, fits like a glove? I’m missing the reason to have this conversation… =p

  • KEEP IT! You look amazing and that is a timeless, classic staple. You could wear that to a wedding, out to a nice dinner, to a fancy night at the theatre, etc. Seriously, don’t you dare return it!!! It is way too perfect to let go of and SOME occasion will come up when you can wear it. How nice will it be to just throw it on without having to worry about finding something new to buy?

  • KEEP IT! It looks stunning on you, and I’m sure you’ll find somewhere to wear it down the line. Not to mention it’s good price.
    My rule is: will I regret having returned it when that even arises a few months down the road? If yes, keep it!

  • You could always wear it to dinner! You can make an occasion for a great dress. Besides, like you said, you never find any that fit you, why return it?

  • I would return it. I bought a dress three years ago because it fit and I figured the opportunity to wear it would present itself. Three years later, and I haven’t worn it, and worse, it no longer fits. Only purchase if you REALLY plan to wear it.

  • Along with the other 23 commenters above me: KEEP IT!!!
    You look smoking hot girlfriend. You’ll find somewhere to wear it or at least create an excuse to wear it. A fancy dinner or throw a cocktail party? 😉

  • Are you kidding? KEEP. IT. It is so hard to find a great dress, a good hair stylist, and heels that you can dance in. You will wear it. Go out for a fancy date night dinner, and wear it immediately!

  • I’d keep it. For all of those reasons you mentioned. It’s “cheap” enough that you don’t really have to feel guilty for not wearing it right away. And it looks FABULOUS!

  • OMG Do not return that! It is amazing and having a dress like that that you can pull out in a pinch is so worth it! You got an amazing deal and it looks fantastic. KEEP IT!

  • You keep that mother effing dress and rock the SHIT out of it. Or else.

    And you don’t want to know what “else” is…

    I also have a girl crush on you. Hope that’s ok.

  • Keep… and don’t you have some events in New Orleans coming up where you can wear this number? I think yes!

  • Keep it! It fits you perfectly and is pretty timeless in my opinion. I always regret buying items like that because when the time comes that I need it, I can’t find it and I either spend a lot more money than I want on something I like, or buy something for less that does the job, but I’ll never wear again.

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