Keratherapy review, and a little something extra!

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Brooke, Hilary, and Laura!

It is no secret that I like to maintain a healthy head of hair. It can be especially tough nowadays for me, considering that I’ve let my hair grow, I wait longer than I used to between hair cuts, and I use heat styling tools on my tresses almost every day. Recently, my hair had been feeling a little worse for wear.

This is my hair, freshly washed and air dried. My hair is pretty straight to begin with, but you can see there is a very small amount of texture. The main concern I’d been having was the ends: they were extremely dry and felt like hay, which made them look frazzled.

Last week, the folks at Keratherapy allowed me to test out their Advanced Renewal System Keratin treatment at Salon Mirage in Tampa. Since I’d never experienced a Keratin treatment before, I was excited to see how it would work with my hair. When I first announced that I was on my way to the treatment on Twitter, I did get a few questions from others (why do you need that? Your hair is straight! What is it really going to do for you?). Well, hopefully I can show you that the Keratherapy treatment was beneficial for my fine/thin/straight hair in it’s own way…it isn’t just for curly/textured hair!

The Advanced Renewal System was a three step process. First, my stylist Jennifer took me over to the sink to rinse my hair with the “activate,” which prepared my hair for the treatment by purifying and detoxifying.

Step two involved the smoothing system. I was very happy to hear that the Keratherapy products are 100% formaldehyde free and are also free of harsh chemicals. Jennifer carefully pieced my hair and applied the smoothing system, combing it through from root to tip. Since my hair is already straight, she set the timer for 20 minutes to let it rest, but if your hair has more texture, it would set for about 30 minutes. Throughout the process, Jennifer would comb my hair every few minutes. She informed me that the treatment is actually a memory system, so reinforcing the straight/smooth style is constant through the process. The Advanced Renewal System will actually remove 75% or more of the curl or wave pattern in your hair.

When the 20 minutes were complete, Jennifer blow dried my hair and then ran a flat iron through it; again, to reinforce the straight/smooth texture. Then, it was time for the final step of the system: the seal. I was escorted back to the sink again, where Jennifer rinsed my hair and applied the seal, which locks in the nourishing benefits of the Advanced Renewal System. At that point, the process was complete, and Jennifer blow dried my hair so I could see the results.

Immediately, I could see a TON of shine in my hair. It was incredibly smooth and soft as well. There was definitely a difference! I kept wanting to run my fingers through it (as you can see).

Almost a week has passed since the treatment, and I am loving the results! My hair is smooth and straight, it takes less time to dry, and I barely have to use my flat iron in the morning to style it (just a few quick pulls through to make everything lay perfectly). Just look at the before and after side by side! To me it is like night and day.

Keratherapy provided me with the after-care products to help me maintain my locks. I use a keratin infused leave-in conditioner spray on my hair after I shower, and I add a small dollop of keratin infused Argan oil to the ends before I style. Both products leave my tresses soft and smooth, and they don’t weigh down my fine/thin hair (yay!). I also have a keratin infused deep conditioning masque to use once a week; I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but if it is anything like the other products, I know I’ll like the results!

For more information or to find a salon in your area call 954.628.5163 or email

So…I bet you’re wondering when I’m going to get to the good part, right? Don’t fret: here it comes!

Today, Keratherapy has been nice enough to provide THREE of my lovely friends with a Keratherapy gift set so you can get the benefits of a keratin treatment in your own home. It contains the following keratin infused products: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning masque, leave-in conditioner, and Argan oil. The value of each set is around $100!

Here is how to enter (feel free to leave one comment with all entries if you want, but you must be CLEAR and tell me which methods you have completed):

1. Leave a comment on this post: have you had a keratin treatment before? If not: why would you want one?

2. “Like” Keratherapy on Facebook

3. Follow me (SheLikesRuffles) on Twitter and Keratherapy on Twitter: leave me your Twitter username!

4. Tweet the following phrase, and link me to it: Do you want smooth hair? @SheLikesRuffles has a #giveaway for @Keratherapy keratin-infused products! Enter now!

The giveaway will run through 11:59PM EST on Tuesday, October 4. At that point, I will select three winners at random and notify via email.

***Disclosure: I was first introduced to Keratherapy at the Blogger Brilliance convention earlier this month. They provided me with the after care products and the Advanced Renewal System treatment (as well as the sets to give away). Opinions and experience are 100% my own.***


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  • 1. I have not had the treatment before! I would LOVE it because I’m in the long process of trying to grow my VERY CURLY hair long. It is a trying process that takes a lot of money and attention. The treatment would help the health of my locks!

  • Would LOVE to try this. I’ve never done a treatment before but have similar “hay-like” ends!

    “Liked” Keratherapy on Facebook.

    I already follow you on Twitter.

    I now follow Keratherapy on Twitter.

    I tweeted the phrase. My username is @T30SB!

    Thanks for the fun opportunity!

  • I haven’t had a treatment before, but would love to try! Anything that can keep my wavy hair under control is a plus in my books. 🙂

  • I have never tried a keratin treatment! But I would love to. I also wait way too long between cuts, and use heat styling tools. my hair could use a little lovin!

  • I have such try hair! My hair is long but i get it trimmed every other month, and everytime my hairdresser says it looks like i haven’t cut my hair in months! It turns to hay very fast! I’ve been looking around for leave in treatments, but i would love to give this a try! Great giveaway!

  • I’ve never had one, but I would love to try it on my curly hair. But, I did have a question, do you have to use sulfate free shampoo now? Does your hair feel oily even after washing?

    • That’s a question I hadn’t thought about! I normally use a sulfate free ones: I use L’Oreal’s EverStrong Hydrate shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis and love them. Perhaps Keratherapy could enlighten us with more detail…let me see what I can find out!

      • Hi all!

        Yes after the Advanced Renewal System and any other keratin treatment you must use sulfate free and sodium chloride free shampoo.

        We have a keratin infused moisture shampoo and conditioner that will help to protect and maintain the treatment. Our shampoo and conditioner will also extend the results as they are infused with keratin and many of the same natural extracts in the keratin treatment.

    • To answer your question: yes! Keratherapy suggests that you must use a sulfate free and sodium chloride free shampoo after getting any keratin treatment! 🙂 Hope that helps!

  • My hair is like yours. It’s straight, but since I haven’t had time to cut it, it’s just so freaking “blah.” I would love to try this. Love, love, love!

  • I have never tried Keratin treatment before but I would like to because it is so time consuming to flat iron my hair every morning. I would love to be able to just blow dry and go and still have smooth hair!

  • I have never had a keratin treatment before but the description of your hair type matches mine perfectly so I would love to try this out!

  • I would like it because I have the same issue as you, fine, fine hair! I don’t use any heat products on mine unless it’s a special occasion, so I have to deal with ALMOST straight hair each morning!

    I entered via 1, 2, 3, and 4 [!/melissary/status/118693419546710017] 🙂

  • lord almighty, do i ever need this. my hair is such a whirlwind of textures. it’s straight from my roots to my ears and then gets jumbled up into a mass of tangles, waves and tight curls to the ends. when i wake up in the morning, it looks like a fro. i want to try this to see if it can tame the wild beast that is my hair. i also liked them on facebook, followed you and retweeted the link! my username is @thisisnbd!

  • I would LOVE a keratin treatment. Never had one!

    I follow you both on twitter – @krystal

    I definitely just tweeted this!

    I also like you both on FB! 🙂

  • Holy cow! I was blown away by this. Your hair looks SO shiny and healthy – you could be one of thosehair models in commercials! I was skeptical because I’ve had various treatments before, but your results are dramatic!

    My hair is very frizzy/big/out of control wavy. It usually takes me 20-30 minutes to straighten my hair in the morning but since it’s damaging, and I’m trying to grow my hair out, I am resorting to pullig it up in a messy bun everyday. I have never tried a Keratin treatment before, just various Japanese treatments with poor results.

    I have liked Keratin on Facebook, started following them on Twitter – I already follow you 🙂 – and tweeted the phrase (I’m halfullglasses). Thank you for hosting and the opportunity!

  • Your hair looks amazeballs – so incredibly shiny! I’ve never had the treatment done and am curious if I could as I have majorly bleached out hair…hmm…

    I also just tweeted the giveaway

    And I “liked” them on FB

    And of course, I follow you on twitter – @macquinn

    • I have never tried Keratherapy – but would love too! My hair needs a little tlc – I completely know what you mean by feeling like straw. It seems like just to get my hair to look somewhat decent I either need to flat iron or curl it to death – definitely need something to rejuvinate my hair. I am in the fashion industry – I need to look good!

      Also liked Keratherapy on Facebook, and am now following it on twitter – already follow you! 🙂

      Tweeting the phrase on twitter has well

      Happy giveaway!

  • yes i got the brazilian blow out a year ago before all of the horror stories came out about it! i’ve been dying to try a formeldahyde free option!

  • I’ve never had the keratin treatment before but my hair seems like it’s the exact same weight/texture as yours: fine and mostly straight! So seeing how great your hair looks makes me really want one. 🙂 I’d love to win this product set!

  • 1) I’ve REALLY been thinking about trying this lately. I am tempted by the Groupons but the disclaimer about formaldehyde is scary. Glad to see there are safer choices!

    2) Liked on FB!

    3) Following both on twitter (nosmallbeans)

    4) Tweeted the giveaway!

    Such a great giveaway! Thanks!!!

  • Hey Katie,

    My friend, Vanessa just had a keratin treatment done and I was floored by her results! It looks amazing, and without the harsh chemicals of a relaxer. I’d love to try it:)

  • I would LOVE to try it! I’ve never done a treatment before but have been having similar issues with my hair after the summer!

    I “Liked” Keratherapy on Facebook.

    I already follow you on Twitter.

    I now follow Keratherapy on Twitter.

    I tweeted the phrase. My username is @lfdimples!

    Thanks for the fun opportunity!

  • I would love to try it for the same reasons as you! My hair’s now longer than it has been in years, and the ends are definitely feeling hay-like. My hair also does a weird thing when it air dries: shapeless but poofy, so I blow dry it nearly every day to keep it looking acceptable.

    Love your after picture! Looks amazing.

  • Would LOVE to try this! I have some super frizzy/curly hair that I have to flat iron with my Chi everyday or else put it up and I have a lot of hair!

    I liked Keratherapy on Facebook.

    I already follow you on Twitter 🙂

    I now follow Keratherapy on Twitter

    I tweeted the phrase. My username is @NicholeCrews

    How fun!

  • Ohh Keratherapy! I’ve been wanting to try this since forever, but was hesitant because I have thin, fine hair like you. Now knowing that it works, I must try!

    I follow Keratherapy on Twitter, “liked” them on FB, and already follow you! I tweeted the phrase and my handle is @ninamadeleine

    What a great giveaway!!

  • I would love this treatment! We’re racing into winter and it’s so dry here my hair could use some help!

  • Ooh I’d love to try Keratherapy products! I have naturally curly, sometimes frizzy, hair and love how your results turned out so sleek.

  • I have naturally wavy and coarse hair, I think this would help a great deal in reducing the amount of time it takes to style my hair!

    I also follow you on Twitter. I am @jesscomben

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • I would sooo love this! I have the same texture issue with my straight hair and it is driving me nuts! I’ve never tried a keratin treatment before, but used to use a product by Joico called K-pak that was amazing!

  • I have not had a keratin treatment, but I would LOVE to try it! It’s one of those things I’ve put off because I don’t want to spend the money, but my frizzy hair would surely love it, I’m sure.

  • 1. I got it done three months ago and was very disappointed in my results compared to the Brazillian Blowout I had done times before. I have heard such good things about it I feel like maybe I just didn’t have it done well and would LOVE to try this!

    2. I “Like” Keratherapy on Facebook

    3. @MeSooLaLa is my name and I follow you and Keratherapy!

    4. I tweeted!!/MeSooLaLa/status/118795303754276864

  • I woud love a Keratin therapy set because I have “Cravy” hair… half curls and half waves – and sometimes it needs a little help deciding which way to go!

  • 1. My hair could seriously use some lovin’. It’s fried and my ends are like straw.

    2. Liked!

    3. Following you both (@prettyandfun)

  • 1. I’ve never had keratin treatment before, but would totally love one! My hair is similar to yours, it’s relatively straight, but boy can it frizz and fluff, and not the pretty volume fluff. I’m talking about whoa! fluff. Therefore, I have to blow dry AND straighten my hair daily, and the process takes about 30+ minutes. Can someone say damaging and time consuming??

    2. I liked Keratherapy on Facebook

    3. I’m following you and Keratherapy on Twitter. I’m @alicevleang!

    4. I tweeted the giveaway!

  • I’ve never done it before but I hear the results are amazing, as you clearly have demonstrated as well!

  • 1) I would love to see if this would help tame my crazy hair!

    2) I ‘like’ them on Facebook
    3) I follow you both on twitter (@reclaimingbliss)
    4) I tweeted (@reclaimingbliss)

  • I have had a keratin treatment before. I got it done in early July this year and the effects are now starting to wear down. I was so frustrated with how the humidity made my hair super frizzy so I bit the bullet and got it done! Definitely helped during the summer.

    I also tweeted the giveaway on Twitter 🙂

  • I just did numbers 2, 3 (I’m @kails024) and 4.. so here goes number 1!

    I have not had a keratin treatment before, but I have been saying for WEEKS that something needs to be done about my damaged hair. It is straightened and blow dried on a daily basis, leaving my untouched hair somewhat of a nightmare. I haven’t had time to get into a salon and this would be perfect to fix my poor hair!!

  • I have similar hair to yours, straight and flat, but mine does not have natural style. I never really thought about this treatment but it might help on cutting down on other products and heat treatments!

  • i havent tryed it yet but my hair is a mess and i need a miracle .. maybe this is it =)


  • 1. I have not tried Keratin but i would love to. My hairdresser recommended it so im saving up for my next visit. I would love to see sleek shiny easy to blow dry (!) hair since mine is fine, but wavy/curly. also following you & keratherapy on twitter
    im vivi5309

    4. i also tweeted it!

    Love the blog- i check out tjmaxx & marshalls all the time for goodies thanks to you !

  • 1. I have never had a Keratin treatment, but I would love to try it and be able to air-dry my hair and have it look relatively normal as opposed to a frizzy haystack! Your locks look gorgeous in your after pic (although they were lovely before! :))

    2. Liked Keratherapy on FB…

    3. Already following you, now following Keratherapy on Twitter (culbycheese)…

    4. Tweeted the magic phrase!

  • I’ve never had a Keratherapy treatment before, but since I’ve been back at college (which is in a city), the city water has been killing my hair. If that could possibly make my hair look even remotely better than it does now, it would be awesome.

  • Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I would love to try Keratherapy. I’d like to treat me hair as an apology for all the heat styling I subject it to.

  • I haven’t tried one yet – but would love to! Anything to get this frizzy mop I’ve got under control 🙂

  • I had a Keratin treatment once and I was very happy with it at first, but it didn’t last as long as I thought it would. I also have fine hair, so I’m glad to hear that this treatment didn’t weigh your hair down. Would love to win!

  • So, I am commenting here, and I also liked the page on facebook. I have wanted to try this for a while now. I have thick hair, and its straight on the sides and kinky/wavy in back, so unless I straighten or blow it out, it always looks like a hot mess. I would love to try this out, just in time for the colder weather we are getting here in MD

  • I have not had one but would love one. I follow you and Keratherapy on twitter as @wo33. I like you both on facebook.

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