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Pets and other animals

Furbaby Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Yesterday was officially my first day of summer break. My list of “to-dos” is currently a mile long, but I’m looking...

Pets and other animals

Meet: Sherman

World: meet the new member of our little family. His name: Sherman.

It happened on Saturday. The park by our house hosts a lot of little festivals and events...

Pets and other animals

Basking in the sun

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying a day off from work (possibly?).

I’m trying to take advantage of today to spend some time with Lucia...

Pets and other animals

Healthy and happy pup

Lucia recently had her yearly checkup at the vet. She left with a clean bill of health (hooray!), but that didn’t stop me from worrying beforehand. I am...

Pets and other animals

Puppy Love Lately…

One of the advantages of spending a lot of time at home over the holidays is the ability to have quality time with my furry friends. At one point (for...

Pets and other animals

Pampered Pooch

Oh Lucia…my little princess.
I am almost ashamed to admit that some of Lucia’s canine accessories have gone unchanged for years. She had been using...

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