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Sherman’s In-Home Photo Shoot with AGold Photo

Raise your hand if your pets are part of your family. I am going to go ahead and assume that everyone’s hands are raised the world round. Right? Even if that isn’t the case, it most certainly is in my household. Sherman and Lucia are 100% part of our family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As you can imagine, I’m very much obsessed with my furry friends, and having photos of them is something I cherish. Let’s be honest though: I have the most difficult time capturing quality photos of them. Sherman will sit still for all of five seconds before he’s running up to me wanting to play. Lucia is much better about sitting for a photo, but that still isn’t something I can accomplish with great success! Ah, but now the tide has changed: I now have some amazing photos thanks to Sherman’s in-home photo shoot with AGold Photo Pet Photography.

Adam is local to the Tampa area, and one day I somehow stumbled upon his instagram feed. I was immediately sucked in, because….duh….dogs galore. What else does a person need, I ask? We connected over insta, and then set up a date for Sherman to have an in-home photo shoot. I could not have been happier with the final results!

Sherman's In-Home Photo Shoot with AGold Photo

Adam showed up to our house with his equipment, and quickly set up the photo area in our living room. All he required were a few electrical outlets and a clear area to put up the backdrop and lights. After a few minutes of setup, it was show time for Sherman.

Let me just go ahead and throw this out there: I was absolutely terrified that Adam was going to show up at my house and Sherman would not cooperate for pictures. It was a legitimate fear: sometimes Sherman can be suspicious/wary of new people, and he can be a bit skittish. The in-home photo shoot was a great opportunity because he had a few minutes to get acquainted, check out the equipment, and get ready for his time in the spotlight.

Sherman's In-Home Photo Shoot with AGold Photo

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Adam’s got the MAGIC. He’s professional, personable, and knows how to work with dogs. Although Sherman was slightly nervous for the first moments, he quickly turned into the goofball that I know and love. We started with him on collar and leash, but in a shocking turn of events, he ended up not needing them after a few minutes. Between the treats, peanut butter, and attention Adam gave him while snapping photographs, Sherman was happy as a clam. He sat all on his own, and I am pretty sure he was ready to run the show by the end of his session. I mean, just look at him! He basically thought he was born to do this by the end of his session. All I had to do was stand in the back of the room and watch. Dog model status.

How did they turn out, you ask? I think the most difficult part was selecting my favorites from the bunch. I absolutely loved how many different sides of Sherman Adam was able to bring out. His sweet side with his big puppy eyes (when people ask me what drew me to this little rescue dog, the eyes really did it. How do you NOT love that face?!?!)…

Sherman's In-Home Photo Shoot with AGold Photo-5

His ability to catch treats (and his love of food…I mean look at the intensity in his eyes as he is catching that treat!)…

Sherman's In-Home Photo Shoot with AGold Photo-4

His TEETH. Yep. That little tooth poking out from under his lip slays me every time…

Sherman's In-Home Photo Shoot with AGold Photo-4

The tongue. #TongueOutTuesday, anyone???

Sherman's In-Home Photo Shoot with AGold Photo

We can’t forget the head tilt! One ear up, one ear flopped…it’s just the cutest thing I ever did see.

Sherman's In-Home Photo Shoot with AGold Photo

Enough about Sherman! I want to tell you some more about Adam, and why you should absolutely look into your own in-home photo shoot (or you should attend one of his events) for photos of your beloved pooch. Since he started, Adam has raised $49,524.25 (and counting) for charity. This aspect of his business definitely holds a special place in my heart. AGoldPhoto Pet Photography hosts fundraising events, mainly at craft breweries, across the country benefiting various animal charities. You can check his calendar for details, locations, and times!

I will mention that he has an event on Saturday, October 15, 2 – 5 PM at The Dog Bar St. Pete (benefiting Friends of Strays), as well as a spooky pet photo shoot coming up on Sunday, October 22, 12 – 3 PM at 81Bay Brewing Co. (benefiting Humane Society Tampa Bay). He isn’t just in the Tampa area! He’s headed to Colorado in November…to Atlanta…and in other parts of the state of Florida as well. If you’re able to sign yourself up for a spot at an upcoming fundraiser shoot: do it! And make sure you show me your photos!!!! Or, do what we did and have an in-home photo shoot with AGold Photo. I’m quite certain that we’re going to have to have Adam capture the rest of the dogs in our family – it would make such an amazing little family gallery!

After seeing Sherman’s photos, the really tough question is: do we have a favorite?! I have a hard time choosing, personally…



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