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Basking in the sun

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying a day off from work (possibly?).

Lucia Australian Shepherd black and white

I’m trying to take advantage of today to spend some time with Lucia, running errands, and relaxing. Of course, I never seem to accomplish everything I set out to on a free day like this. I always end up adding new things to the list, and run around all day without actually getting the “relaxing” part in.

Lucia Australian Shepherd black and white

I mean, I was up at 6:30am. I didn’t even sleep in! What is wrong with me? Anyway, it’s pretty clear that Lucia knows all about how to relax. This sweet girl has been spending a lot of time lounging around outside in the backyard lately. The temperatures have been nice and cool, so she enjoys basking in sunbeams for a while!

Lucia Australian Shepherd black and white

So – what are you up to today?


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  • Dogs have the best lives don’t they? This is making me miss mine so much 🙁 Happy Monday and enjoy your day off!

    • I always joke that if I come back as an animal in a future life, I want to come back as a dog like Lucia – they have it good! 😉

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