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Meet: Sherman

World: meet the new member of our little family. His name: Sherman.

Sherman chihuahua mix

It happened on Saturday. The park by our house hosts a lot of little festivals and events on the weekends, and there just so happened to be an animal related one going on that day: Mutt Madness. We always like to head over and walk around the dog-related events. I typically hold/pet a few dogs and attempt to get Justin to do the same. He has almost always refused to though – the man stands strong (probably knowing he’d fall in love with a pup if he didn’t).

Sherman chihuahua mix

We didn’t plan on leaving the adoption event with a new family member. This much is true. I have known for quite some time I have wanted to add another furry friend to our home, but I’d been good at resisting. However, something just clicked when I looked down into the eyes of this little man, and it was game over from that point.

Sherman chihuahua mix

Sherman chihuahua mix

He’s nothing like what we would have expected when it comes to looks. If you would have asked me the day before what kind of dog I was looking for, I might have described a lot of things that are exactly opposite. He definitely has some chihuahua in him, but what else? We aren’t sure. He weighs in over 10 pounds (I’m guessing maybe 12?) and is 8 months old; I’m thinking he might gain a little bit more as he reaches a year old, but we’ll see. Although he looks kind of like a chihuahua in some ways, he differs in others – he has legs for days (super long and skinny); they kind of remind me of an Italian greyhound or a whippet. His nose is also elongated in comparison to chihuahuas…so he’s getting that from some other breed we expect.

Sherman chihuahua mix

We do think Sherman must have had a nice family before ours; whoever owned him previously turned him in to the county along with his puppy papers/vet information/etc. He was then pulled from that shelter by the Royal Animal Rescue out of Weeki Wachee. He has an incredibly sweet disposition, and seems really well adjusted (and house trained too). He is definitely a big snuggler, and really likes being held. I have almost been a little skeptical at how well he’s fit in to our home. Introducing him to Lucia was a bit of a shock at first, but after an hour or two of them being around one another, they quickly became friendly. I have to admit: I was nervous that Lucia would not accept him, but she has always really been good around smaller dogs, so I guess it shouldn’t be a huge surprise! She’s incredibly gentle with her new brother; it is pretty cool to see them interact. I’m still waiting for the time to come when they chase each other around the backyard; it is coming any day now, I feel it!

Sherman chihuahua mix

The name selection was a bit of a process; Sherman remained nameless until this morning actually! His “original” name was Scout, but after calling that name out to not a single head turn, we figured it wasn’t something he totally recognized, so changing it would be an option. I have always liked human names for dogs, so another nerdy name for our pack seemed right (to go with Theodore and Stuart). We also tend to shorten the names of our dogs for nicknames – we call Lucia “Lu” a lot of times, Theodore goes by “Theo,” and Stuart goes by “Stu.” Sherman can go by his full name, but I have a feeling we’ll also call him “Sherm” “Shermie” or “little man” quite a bit too.

Sherman chihuahua mix

So, be prepared: Lucia won’t be the only pup pictured on the blog in the future! Welcome to the family, Sherman!


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  • He looks quite similar to my little man (who is full chihuahua, but on the larger side at 14lbs) only much thinner! He does look like he is mixed though. He is very cute. Chihuahua’s are fantastic dogs. I’m happy that Justin gave in. 🙂

    • Thanks Crystal! It’s funny: this weekend we had him out at our garage sale, and we had multiple people come up to him asking if he is an Italian Greyhound or a Whippet…no one mentioned a chihuahua! The more I look at him the less I see chihuahua in him. He also met his “cousin” who is a chi and they looked SO different! I really wish I could know for sure what his mix is made up of! Perhaps one day…

  • Lucky little Sherman! We have always adopted our dogs(over the years 2 adult dogs and 1 puppy). Their eyes seem to say, “Where have you been?! I have been waiting for you!” I love the bumper sticker that says, “Who adopted who?” 🙂 A support dog trainer once told me that it takes 3 months of living in a new environment before a dogs true personality comes out. I guess they need to feel at home before they can push their limits. I have been pleased to watch our most recently adopted timid, shy Sheltie become so much more trusting and outgoing over time! Best of luck with Sherman!

    • Thanks Wendy! I agree – their eyes totally get you! I don’t think I could have walked away if I tried. I always go to events like that and somehow manage to walk away…but this was not the case; meant to be!

  • Sherman is SUPER adorable! It’s no wonder you couldn’t resist him! I got my most recent dog in a similar way….went to the pet store to buy dog food….saw the rescue people with the dogs out front….resisted….then on the way out, “Well maybe I’ll just take a peek!”….and once she was in my arms I would not put her down! Ah well…we’ve never regretted it!

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