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Lucia recently had her yearly checkup at the vet. She left with a clean bill of health (hooray!), but that didn’t stop me from worrying beforehand. I am sure the feeling is even worse when you have kids, but boy oh boy can it be nerve wrecking to wait on results. I should probably state up front that I get worried at any type of appointment…I am always terrified my dentist is going to tell me I have a cavity (even when I take care of my teeth religiously), or that I need to get my wisdom teeth extracted. The fact that I brace myself for the worst is probably a bad habit I need to overcome.

Lucia Australian Shepherd

Anyway, I was pleased to find out that Lucia is perfect weight-wise, ear-wise, and eye-wise. The only thing we have to go through is a teeth cleaning; she’s 5 1/2 years old so it is a pretty normal situation to be in, apparently.

Lucia Australian Shepherd

I am very aware that the dental procedure is relatively standard, and that my vet will do a great job. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m already feeling anxious about it. Sheesh: it isn’t even ME getting the cleaning. It just so happens that our vet only performs cleanings on certain days, and with the drop off times landing where they do, I will have to bring her in since Justin will already be at work. Does a dog dental cleaning come with some anti anxiety meds for her human counterpart? I already know I’ll lose it a little bit when dropping her off. Lucia hasn’t had to stay at a vet or kennel at any point in her life thus far, and I’ll be dropping her off for the day/she’ll be sedated for the cleaning. I can already see the look of betrayal on her beautiful face.

Lucia Australian Shepherd

I haven’t had the heart to call and officially schedule her dental appointment yet…but I know it has to be soon. My baby girl needs to have some beautiful, clean teeth! It will all be ok in the end.

Please tell me I am not the only one out there who dreads scheduling procedures for their pet!


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  • I worked in a vet’s office for years – dentals are easy! There’s always a risk related to anesthesia, but Lucia’s healthy and still fairly young. If she’s spayed, you can rest easy knowing she’s already been under once and pulled through just fine. It’ll be harder on you because you’ll be at work all day wondering. She’ll be sleeping a good chunk of the time she’s there – and when she wakes up, it’ll be with nice fresh breath and a healthy smile!

    I’m definitely super worried now that I’m not ever able to be with my critters during procedures. My cat just had a colonoscopy and I was on pins and needles waiting for the phone to ring (okay, I called after a few hours because I couldn’t take it anymore!). You’re not alone!

  • Your dog is beautiful! You’re being a good puppy momma to care so much! Lucia will be ok! She’ll forgive you and be thrilled to see you when you pick her up!

  • Hi, I could not help but read your story about Lucia. You are not alone, I know exactly how you feel. Lucia reminds me of my dog, she just like her same colour and smile, and her name was Missy. I loved her so much but she has died now about 15 years now.

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