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Furbaby Friday: done and done

Are you ready for it to be Friday/the weekend? I have to say, after two weekends filled with traveling I am quite glad to have a quiet weekend at home to (maybe) relax a little bit. If only I could be as relaxed as Sherman. I’ve been catching my little furbaby sleeping around the house quite a bit lately. There really must be something great about sleeping in sunbeams, because I seem to find him in the same spot quite often.

Furbaby Friday Sherman

I kind of feel like I am destined to plop down on the couch, or heck: even the floor, and just konk out for a while. Why is it so easy for my pups to get comfortable and snooze? Oh, to be able to relax so easily…

Furbaby Friday Sherman

And on another note: how in the world is it already AUGUST?!?! My mind hurts a bit just to think about it. The year is flying by and it is making me realize that I need to get into planning mode in a BIG way. Justin and I WILL be going on some sort of vacation next year. We haven’t gone on a trip just for us since our (belated) honeymoon…and our 5th wedding anniversary is next year….if that gives you any idea of how long it has been. It’s happening. I guess that means we should probably start planning though, huh? Where to go? What to do? Hmmmm…

Furbaby Friday Sherman

What will you be up to this weekend?

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  • Sherman is so cute and of course, sleeping in the sunshine is best! 🙂

    Have fun planning an epic vacation for next year!

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