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Everything Else


Today marks the start of something new for me. The past few weeks have been a lesson in “going with the flow,” so to say. In a positive way, of...

Everything Else

Ten Kitchen Tools I Love!

I decided to do things a little bit different with today’s round up. Instead of focusing on style-related items, I am breaking out a list of my absolute...

Everything Else Our Wedding

Three Years

How in the world…

It’s hard to believe that our wedding day was three years ago. How did time pass so quickly? Just the other day, I was in a...

Everything Else

The candy organizer

Today, I just want to take a minute to make a confession about a strange habit of mine.
I like to call myself the “candy organizer.” This habit is...

Everything Else

Petite? I beg to differ.

Boring fact about me: I wasn’t able to swallow pills for the LONGEST time. I tried…oh so many times. My throat would close up each and every...

Everything Else

Lip up or lip down?

I stumbled upon an interesting infographic yesterday via Hunch…have you seen it? They performed a survey of over 5,000 Hunch readers and found out the...

Everything Else

My DVR might explode

So…Fall TV…it’s started!
I’m getting a little nervous for my DVR. At the beginning of the season, I usually put my DVR through the...

Everything Else

There is a difference!

Here’s the thing: I don’t like being called “picky.” I really don’t enjoy the connotation that goes along with that description...

Everything Else

What is your order?

I know you might be aware of my penchant for routines when it comes to the start of my day. I’d like to say that is where it ends, but I’d be...

Everything Else

Through the Night

I didn’t expect so many of you to share my stomach sleeping habits when I shared them yesterday. Perhaps there is a correlation between being a blogger...

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