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The macaroni and cheese debate

Here’s a random debate for your Friday…I find it to be pretty polarizing in some cases.

Kraft blue box macaroni and cheese….or Velveeta shells and cheese?

I think that the answer to the question for many people typically goes back to childhood. Which variety did your parents feed you as a kid? I think a preference for one of the two brands forms in the early stages of life. It did in my case, at least!

For me, there is nothing better than Kraft mac n’ cheese from the blue box. I don’t want shells and cheese…I don’t even want the fancy homemade/gourmet variety (which can be delicious, but I can only eat a few bites because it’s usually so rich tasting) – just give me the classic, please! Well, classic for ME…

So I’m interested: which macaroni and cheese do YOU love most? Do you think the preference formed in your youth?


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