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Toothbrush: electric or manual?

Today, I just have a simple question.

Do you use an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush?

I use a good old fashioned toothbrush: the Colgate Wave to be exact.

I think I had an electric toothbrush at some point during my childhood, but obviously that trend didn’t stick. I’ve heard amazing things about using a Sonicare…but I’ve never pulled the trigger to purchase one. I know people swear by them, but forgive me for my skepticism.

My question is: do you really need an electric toothbrush? This is NOT to say that people who use electric brushes don’t know how to brush their teeth…not at all! I’m just saying…I’ve never had a cavity, so using a manual toothbrush has obviously not done wrong by me (and I realize that I just jinxed myself big time by making that statement…gulp). Plus…I like to replace my toothbrush. A lot. I probably replace mine about every two weeks. I feel like I need to…but I also probably brush my teeth more often than the average person. Once when I wake up, once more before I leave for work (after breakfast), again when I get home from work, before I go to the gym/after an afternoon snack, and finally again before bed. Yep. An average of 5 times a day most likely. I’m a monster.

I love the feeling of using a new toothbrush; I’d probably use a new one every day if that wouldn’t be completely ridiculous. I feel like I’d be spending a LOT of money on replacement toothbrush heads if I were to buy an electric toothbrush.

But then again…I’ve heard great things about the Sonicare…

What kind of toothbrush do YOU use? And I have to ask…does anyone else out there brush their teeth as much as I do?


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  • My dentist (or rather, the hygenist) kept pushing an electric toothbrush on me. I finally caved and bought one from them and I have used an electric ever since! I love the thing. I don’t know that I could go back to a manual ever again. I like clean teeth (well, who doesn’t) and this I feel makes me teeth feel so polished. I’ve only ever had ONE cavity with either toothbrush so I’m not sure if my opinion helps or not but I love mine!

  • I too use a manual. I actually use whatever I can get a coupon for or whatever is the cheapest, unless of course I get the freebie from my hygienist 🙂

    I am right there with you on wishing to use a new brush each day, it feels amazing!

    xo Teresa

  • I had braces as a young adult and they pushed the electric toothbrush, so I bought it thinking it would be helpful. I’m sure it would have been helpful if I’d been able to use it, for whatever reason the vibrating totally skeeved me out. I get goosebumps just thinking about it but yea that’s apparently one of my weird quirks. I’ll stick with my normal toothbrush, thank you very much 😉

  • I use a manual toothbrush. Growing up I had electric, but I prefer a manual. I like those toothbrushes that are supposed to floss as well. Of course I still floss, but I feel like they do a good job keeping my mouth clean.

  • I use a manual. I have an electric toothbrush, but for some reason I just couldn’t get into using it. I only brush twice a day, so it’s not a matter of needing to replace it often…

  • I used to think that I don’t need an electric toothbrush, but my dentist friend gifted us a Sonicare kit with the (then-new) ultraviolet sterilizing system for our wedding…and both my husband and I fell in love. I always thought I was doing a pretty good job of brushing my teeth, but after just one time with the Sonicare I was like, “Huh. So THIS is what my teeth are supposed to feel like!” And whenever I go back to using a regular toothbrush again, my teeth just don’t feel AS clean. My husband and I have since converted the rest of our families to Sonicares. I know that electric toothbrushes, especially the Sonicare, can be expensive, but it’s so worth it in my book!

    • Oooh. You’re really making me want to splurge on an electric with that description. Perhaps it should be on my bday wishlist…

  • I got a sonicare last Christmas, and I love it. I totally know what you mean about wanting to use a new toothbrush all the time though.

  • My Mom has worked for an orthodontist for pretty much my entire life and swears by Sonicare, not just for hygiene, but in terms of keeping your teeth white. Every 2 weeks?!? You should buy stock in Colgate!

  • I have a Sonicare and I love it! I agree with Geek in Heels, my teeth don’t feel as clean if I use any other toothbrush now. Even my dentist noticed that my teeth were cleaner after I started using it. The brush heads are pricey, but I always find coupons for them and buy them when they’re on sale.

  • I have never used an electric toothbrush but I really want to try it. I’m just worried it’s a big expense and then it’ll clutter up my (small) sink. I switch brands for the manual toothbrushes based on what’s on sale and what I have a coupon for, but I switch out my toothbrush once a month or so. I like the feeling of a new toothbrush, too!

    • We have a really small sink in our bathroom as well…I am always worried about things taking up my precious counter space! I totally hear you on that…

  • I don’t think the electric brush is a necessity, but I did get a Sonicare for Christmas and must say – it’s fabulous. So much so that I definitely brush my teeth for a longer amount of time then I did with a manual brush.

  • I use both! I use an electric toothbrush sporadically (between once a day and a few times a week) and the manual one all the rest of the time. I think electric toothbrushes are great for building up gum strength, especially for someone who doesn’t floss once a day (even though I still aim to floss once a day!). They also just make my teeth feel cleaner and make it easy to brush each quadrant of your mouth for the right amount of time (built in timers).

    • Ah, a built in timer is also a good feature! I do brush my teeth for a long time, but I know that it is very common that people don’t brush for the recommended amount of time. That would definitely help!

  • I apparently suck at manual brushing. I would have cavities/root canals/you name it, every time I visited the dentist. So, I saw a Sonicare on clearance and thought, well, it’s half the price of a cavity filling…why not?

    I seriously haven’t had a cavity in 2 years. That thing is magic! I’d seriously do commercials for them LOL!

  • Girlfriend…. at first I was going to be major jealous you hadn’t experienced the joy of fillings. But 5x day?! You’ve EARNED that shiste!

    I am a recent conver to team Electric after pressure from the Dentist’s office. I’m pretty sold so far. Think about it.

  • I’ve tried both and here is my honest opinion lol. So, my dentist (as I’ve heard many dentists are) is all about the electric toothbrushes so I tried it out and while using it, he said that he never saw my teeth look so great. I have a fast plague buildup for some reason so I brush my teeth,and floss about 3x/day to prevent that. Plus, right before I go anywhere, I brush again, even if I just brushed an hour ago!
    Anyway, my dentist and I saw a difference (electric brushes can just get rid of the nasty more plus get to more tight spaces) and I’d be willing to pay for the changeable heads if electric was my preference. But…it isn’t. As much as I care about healthy and pretty teeth, I just feel better and more accomplished after using a manual. I think this is because you are actively moving and working to get every area and crevice of your mouth so you actually FEEL like you are working for your nice teeth. But, when you use the electric, it’s doing the work for you so I didn’t feel as “clean”…if that makes sense. Hahaha. Bottom line is I would totally try a cheaper electric to make sure you are okay with how it feels (it’s definitely different), or do what Holley (above) said, which seems like a great idea!

  • I’m a manual girl all the way and I’ve never had a cavity in my (adult) life. Although, after getting a Clarisonic for my face and seeing how much better that was, I’ve been thinking that maybe I should go electric on my teeth, too.

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