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A day at the beach

So, I didn’t really make much point of mentioning this on the blog…but Monday was my birthday. Another year older, another year wiser?

Beach Day

Monday happened to be a beautiful day for the beach, so Justin and I decided to take Lucia along with us in the morning/afternoon for some time in the sand and surf. I haven’t really been to the beach much this season so far, so it was definitely a welcome trip.

Katie and Lucia at the beach

I love going to the beach during the week. Other beach goers were around, but not many. Our chairs were set up by themselves, and we were able to enjoy a large stretch of the beach without anyone else in sight for the most part. Lucia liked the opportunity to run up and down the beach a few times. Silly girl still doesn’t like to swim for some reason…she will get in the water up to her belly, but won’t go out any farther. She’s done this since she was a puppy; Justin and I can’t figure out why. Come on girl – the water is so blue and pretty! Who wouldn’t want to take a swim in that?!?! Ok, to be fair – I don’t really ever like going out too deep in the water myself. Marine life scares the crud out of me. When a fish swims into my leg, my skin crawls…and even though you think it would be cool for a dolphin to swim up close to you in open water, it isn’t (just enjoy them from a safe distance, please). And: it is currently sting ray season. Don’t get me started on those…and don’t forget to shuffle your feet, everyone!

Katie and Lucia at the beach

And now, at almost 5 years old, my hopes at having a swimmer on my hands to play fetch with in the water are officially dashed on the rocks. I give up. Plus, she doesn’t even like to fetch, so fetching in the water at the beach would be a really tall order. Lucia, I still love you anyway.

Do you like to visit the beach/pool in the summer? Any other pet lovers take their pups to the beach too?


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  • Our male Schnauzer hates hates HATES anything to do with water. He barely likes sticking his face in the water dish to drink! But thankfully our little female (who we got here in Hawaii) really enjoys heading out to the beach and even swimming, so she definitely makes up for it. It would’ve been really sad if both dogs ended up hating water considering we live on an island!

    • Aw! Isn’t it strange how they can be so different? I just don’t get it with Lucia – she’s been going to the beach since she was 8 weeks old. Darn it!

  • Happy belated birthday! I’m loving this bikini on you! I took my biggest dog to the beach with me a couple years back with really high hopes that he would swim in the water. He was really excited about getting wet until a wave came. It was hilarious to see this 65-lb dog run out of the water like a little baby!

    • Oh no! The waves can definitely be scary for them, but kind of funny to watch their faces if one takes them by surprise!

  • Happy belated birthday, Katie! At the risk of sounding creepy, I just gotta say “Hot damn, girl, you look good!” Your bikini bod puts mine to shame (I have to hide all my baker’s blogging rolls under wraps). And Lucia is gorgeous! My little Abby loves playing fetch but we don’t know if she can swim yet. Her only experience with water so far has been her baths (which she freaking hates). Time to throw her into the ocean and test it out!

    • Haha! Why thank you, Nancy! ­čÖé

      Awww – sounds like it is time for Abby to take a swim! It’s crazy how they just have that instinct and know how to swim…

  • I had one dog who loved swimming and the other hated it. I have a cat who will not go outside!! I am glad you had a nice birthday, birthday twin!

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