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Dear Baby {June 2018}

Dear Baby,

I can’t believe we are in the middle of the year already. Even though time has seemingly passed by at a crawl, it has simultaneously whipped by in the blink of an eye. Who knew?

Dear Baby June 2018

This month started out on a high note with our anniversary mini vacation. It was a much needed getaway to reset, and I think it was just what the doctor ordered. I came back feeling refreshed, and it rolled right into my birthday celebration, which was nice! But…inevitably…I got right back into thinking about adoption plans.

Dear Baby June 2018

This month had me thinking about contingency plans. July marks one year of being home study approved. We already had to renew our medical/drug tests/background checks a few months back, but now we will be facing the reality of a home study renewal as well. The reality really started to hit this month. We have our home study date set for mid-July, so it is time once again to clean the house from top to bottom. Anyway, to get back to the contingency plans…with the realization that we’re a year into our wait, we have started wondering if we need to “grease the wheels,” so to say. Is that even possible? Probably not when it comes to adoption. But I’ll admit that trusting God’s timing versus trying to control the situation and see if I can make something happen is very very difficult. If our wait continues for many more months though, what do we do? It’s hard to always be confident that we are on the right path. There is always a question in the back of my mind on whether or not we could have done something differently in this process to make it work faster. I know, I know, babies will arrive on their own timing, and ours will be no exception. However, it’s always going to be a question in the back of my mind at this point in our journey. There’s no getting around it.

Anyway, to prepare for our home study update we had to go back through all of our paperwork again and check that nothing significant had changed that we would need to note for our visit. It turns out that we also needed to update our references. Sheesh! It really makes you realize how much can change in a year’s time. I’m hoping that continues to be true, and that at this time next year our life will look very different once again!

Dear Baby June 2018

I did have one interesting thing happen this month. I’m kind of chalking it up to the fact that our home study renewal is on my mind a lot, but you never know! One morning this month I woke up and just had a feeling. I looked over at your father and told him that I thought it was time to set up the nursery. Baby: your nursery has been an empty room with bare walls for many many months. I haven’t had the desire to set anything up. Until that morning. I just really had the urge to unbox the crib and assemble it, as well as pick out the decor and hang it on the walls. The room is actually starting to come together. I keep joking that I’m “Field of Dreams”-ing you. “If you build it, they will come….” Perhaps if I set up the nursery, you will arrive! You never know, right? Anyway, I had a lot of fun this month starting to look at all of the things I’ve started collecting for you come together!

As for situations we were presented to this month? Our profile was presented twice, and we had two no’s come back to us. We keep plugging on. Let’s see what next month brings!


Until next time,




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