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Dear Baby {February 2018}

Dear Baby –


Here we are. It’s February. Honestly, I’m antsy. This month, I had to face the reality of how long this process has taken so far. It was at this time last year that we announced our plans to pursue adoption. One year later: we are still in the waiting stage. I was truly hoping we wouldn’t get to this point, but it was a reality we knew was possible. To be fair, we have only been officially waiting for 7 months now. So, there is still time for you to officially arrive within a year of waiting! I’m holding out hope over here!

Dear Baby {February 2018}

Since we started the adoption process a year ago, a lot of our records have come up to be renewed this month. It was overwhelming all over again. This month, we have to renew our background checks, fingerprints, medical check, and drug testing. Thank goodness CPR certifications are valid for two years – I think that is the only thing we didn’t have to renew this month! Whew! It’s the little things, right? Although I did have to laugh – I have to be CPR certified as part of my job, and ended up going through another training this month anyway! I’ll admit – it was nice to brush up on everything at least. We are just sending out big prayers right now that it doesn’t get to July of this year…when we would have to renew our home study if we have not been matched yet. There’s still time…there’s still time.

Throughout the month of February, we had two situations present themselves to us where our profile book was shown. However, we still have no idea about the status of those – perhaps we will find out in March!

On a very happy and exciting adoption-related note: this month our friends were matched!!!! We could not have been more excited for them. Even though I really am wanting our time to come to meet you, I am glad that I have another mama around me that is going through the same process right now. I have been lucky to find an online community of amazing adoptive mamas out there, but you can’t beat having a friend who lives a stone’s throw away who can relate in the same way.

So…February was short and sweet with not a lot of activity. Perhaps something is brewing for March????


Until then…





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