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Dear Baby {January 2018}

Dear Baby –

It’s a fresh year. It’s a fresh start. Hello, 2018. I know I already said this last month, but I really think 2018 is going to be our year, little one.

In honor of the new year and a fresh start, I participated in our church’s 21 day fast. We typically start the year with one, and this year seemed extra important for me to stick to it. I was truly praying for a breakthrough during those days. Although, in the end (as you can probably tell), January wasn’t actually our month to meet you, I felt like the 21 days did give me time to reflect and put some perspective into place.

One huge frustration during the month was that we were presented with four cases from outside agencies other than our own. They were needing help with making matches, so the information was given to us and we had the opportunity to be considered for them. However, we knew we couldn’t present to any of the cases in the end because of financial reasons. You see, we have already paid money to our current agency to go towards an adoption through them. If we were to decide to match with another agency or in another way, we would have to start from scratch. Now, if we would have happened to match with one of the outside agency cases, ours would have put our money on “hold” until we were ready to continue with a second adoption, and we would just proceed from that point forward. However, your father and I just could not justify that kind of expense (basically starting from scratch with the fees), so we knew it wasn’t in the stars for us to be considered for any of the four cases. Sad, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles I suppose! We did have our book presented for one case, and that one was also a “no.” We are still waiting to hear back about one other case that we were presented with in December – no word on that one yet! Yeesh.

fire cupping

Anyway, I decided to make an effort during 2018 to try some new experiences out. I mean – why not? I have to keep myself occupied as I twiddle my thumbs waiting for you. This month, I tried fire cupping for the very first time, and I was immediately hooked. Your mother may be scared of some things, but she is not afraid to try them out when they involve deep tissue massage. It was pretty funny to walk around with huge purple circles on my back for a week or so, but I grew to actually like them – and the massage and cupping itself was really amazing for my back and neck tension. I’m thinking it is going to be part of my regular routine from now on!

And that, my child, is how 2018 began.


Until next time…




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