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Dear Baby {November 2017}

Dear Baby –

November. The official commencement of the holiday season.

The first half of the month was relatively quiet, but with the arrival of Thanksgiving, the unease started to set in with me a little bit. I’ll be honest – this was the first month I started feeling anxious about the waiting process. I knew it would happen eventually, and I should have realized that the holidays would bring it on. Of course they would. Everyone is spending time with friends and family, so naturally it made me think about how our little family still has a bit of a missing piece that we just haven’t found quite yet. I know it’s totally silly, but I was super sad when I realized that this year would most likely not be the year that I buy us all matching/coordinating Christmas jammies to wear as a family. Yeah – I know…call me dorky if you want. I just REALLY want to do that, at least once!

Parmesan Crusted Cauliflower

One change in our normal routine this month was that your father and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house! Because it was only him, me, and my parents, we decided it would be a nice change to have the meal at our home. I whipped up quite a few dishes, and we even tried out a few new things! I made a parmesan crusted cauliflower that was turned out SO delicious (I’m biased though), and I toiled for quite some time to create the perfect lattice and ruffle crust on the cranberry apple pie I baked. Success!

cranberry apple pie

This month was also when a lot of my friends and acquaintances began making pregnancy announcements. I suppose that also tends to coincide with the holiday season a lot, or maybe it was just a coincidence. I’m so happy for all of them of course! The hard part for me has been the fact that all of those announcements have dates attached to them. They know when baby is most likely going to be arriving at their home. Please believe me when I say I am not complaining. For all we know, you will arrive sooner than any of the people we know who are waiting 9 months for their baby to arrive! I do think it is special that we will be surprised by your timing. Your mother is such a planner, so this waiting process has been truly a lesson in giving up control.

During the month of November, not a single new situation came through for us. Such a bummer. However, we did hear back from two previous situations – of course…both were a “no.” Ugh. We have no control over it all, so all we can do is sit back and hope for more prospects in December this year! Maybe we will end 2017 with a really big bang!

So, until then…





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