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Sometimes trends make their way through the fashion ranks and fade into the distance a few months later. Sometimes I’m quite happy to see them go. However, every now and then there is a trend I love so much that I don’t want to part with it. One of those trends is the statement necklace. I’m glad to see that the style does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon. The particulars of the statement necklace seem to be changing over time, but the bold pieces themselves are staying put. Hooray!

I really love how you can don a statement necklace with a plain tee shirt and jeans and your outfit is instantly elevated. The necklaces can add an entirely new personality to your outfit, and they almost always result in eyes turning your direction as you pass. In celebration of the statement necklace’s enduring stay in the fashion world, I’ve rounded up a collection of my favorites at this moment in time. All of them are under $100, as always, and many of them are under $50.

Which would you choose?

First up – my top three picks from the collection:

Statement necklace favoritesInsect 3-in-1 Statement Necklace: $48, Leith at Nordstrom. This one wins points for versatility. It is actually two separate pieces – they can be worn together as one bold statement, or if you prefer you can separate them. Three looks in one is an awesome idea to me!

Southwest Statement Necklace: $58, Natasha at Dillard’s. I’m a fan of the Southwestern flair to this piece, and I know the turquoise gems would pop against many colors…plus would look great against classic black.

Bird of Paradise Bib: $48, Baublebar. Could the colors be any more cheery? They are perfect for brightening up a winter day, but also will be fantastic once spring rolls around. And *hint hint* – I may or may not have spotted the identical necklace at a fancy department store…for $40 more. Identical piece but with a different label. I compared the photos because I couldn’t believe it…

Statement necklacesStatement NecklacesStatement Necklaces

1. Ana & Ava Rope Necklace: $38, Dillard’s // 2. Crystal Statement Necklace: $58, Nordstrom //

3. Ana & Ava Stella Necklace: $70, Dillard’s // 4. Stone Cluster Bib Necklace: $58, Nordstrom //

5. Thread and Done Necklace: $29.99, ModCloth // 6. Testament to Night Necklace: $46.99, ModCloth //

7. Mohawk Collar: $42, Baublebar // 8. Three Tiers to the Night Necklace: $76.99, ModCloth //

9. Avebury Necklace: $68, Anthropologie // 10. Geo Fan Necklace: $78, J.Crew //

11. Glitz It Up Necklace: $29.99, ModCloth // 12. Amethyst Feather Bib: $44, Baublebar //

13. Faux Pearl Bib: $27.22, ASOS // 14. Standout Elephant Necklace: $9.80, Forever21 //

15. Tortoise Indo Pendant Necklace: $52, Baublebar // 16. Colorblock Necklace: $8.80, Forever21 //

17. Dragon Charm Necklace: $90.74, ASOS

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