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Tampa Area Restaurants

Burger 21

From the title alone, you might start to wonder. I don’t eat red meat…what would I be doing at a burger joint?
Having an awesome meal, that’s...

Tampa Area Restaurants

Green Market Cafe

I love it when new eateries pop up close to my home. Since we live in the suburbs (for the most part) a lot of the more exciting places pop up over in Tampa or...

Tampa Area Restaurants

Taco Bus

I’ll admit it: I get incredibly jealous when I hear about all of the awesome food trucks that can be found in cities around the country. They sound so...

Tampa Area Restaurants

Clear Sky Cafe

The awkward truth about living in a touristy town like Clearwater is that you don’t really frequent those areas as much as you’d think. Yes...

Tampa Area Restaurants

Pizza Fusion

Do you ever notice yourself getting stuck in a restaurant rut? What I mean is: do you tend to patronize the same restaurants over and over again? I have to...

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