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I love it when new eateries pop up close to my home. Since we live in the suburbs (for the most part) a lot of the more exciting places pop up over in Tampa or St. Pete, which are 30-45 minutes away.

The Green Market Cafe has been open for about a year now, but we just recently started patronizing it (thank you Groupon). It is located right next to our local movie theater, so it makes for a perfect location to grab a bite before a show! After visiting a few times and sampling various items on the menu, I’ve been very pleased with what they have to offer!

I’m a fan of their pick 2 combos: the 1/2 salad and 1/2 flatbread sandwich is a very generous portion! I love the Greek salad, personally.

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On one visit, my mom tried the pesto flatbread with turkey, sundried tomatoes, mixed greens, mozzarella, and pesto. It was tasty, but we agreed that it paled in comparison to the flatbread I chose.

Behold: the artichoke flatbread:

Turkey, spinach artichoke spread, parmesan, onions, and tomatoes. So…delicious.

If you don’t want a combo, you can opt for a full sized sandwich. They come with chips or marinated tomatoes with mixed greens and feta. Justin loves the tomatoes. He also gave the thumbs up to the portobello flatbread sandwich. It contains chicken, portobellos, tomatoes, light mayo, and gorgonzola cheese.

I’ve also sampled Green Market Cafe’s wraps. I thought the Florida wrap sounded awesome: chicken, romaine, tomatoes, avocado, red peppers, lime dressing, and goat cheese. In theory, it would be yummy. Thankfully, I asked for the lime dressing on the side, because it was quite possibly the strongest flavored salad dressing I’ve ever tasted (see – sometimes being “particular” has its payoffs; better safe than sorry! I always ask for dressing on the side). The lime was overpowering. Blech.

And another disappointment here was that the avocado they used in the wrap (and I assume in all of their food) was a Florida avocado, not a Hass. It got me thinking: I’ve never encountered Florida avocados being placed in my food at restaurants. It never crossed my mind to ask which type of avocado was going in my food. Anyway, I know that it is a personal opinion, but I really am not fond of Florida avocados; their texture isn’t creamy and there isn’t as much flavor as a Hass. I ended up picking the avocado chunks out of my wrap in this case. Single tear.

One unique aspect of dining at Green Market Cafe is that dessert is included with a meal! When you buy an entree, they give you a small cup for frozen yogurt to have after you are finished. I always love ending a meal with a little something sweet…

Do you have some favorite local lunch spots? What is your favorite sandwich/salad to order?

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  • We go there to thanks to Groupon. I agree the lime dressing is a little overwhelming in the Florida wrap.

    I love the tomatoes and the taro yogurt! Any place that gives me free dessert is a winner in my book!

    • Justin loves the taro yogurt too! I haven’t jumped on that bandwagon yet though. I wish their fro-yo was a bit creamier (The Yogurt Spot down the street in the Boot Ranch Plaza by Target/Publix has superior fro-yo in my opinion)…but since it’s free I can’t complain!

  • I have yet to try this place! It is only about 10-15 minutes from where I live, too. My mom raves about this place and now that I have seen your photos I think I seriously need to visit Green Market!

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