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Seasons 52 Autumn Menu 2012

Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to taste Seasons 52’s new Autumn Menu for 2012, and I have been dying to share about it with you all! I know I’ve raved about how amazing Seasons 52 is in the past (every dish is 475 calories or less? They don’t use butter in their cooking? They use fresh, seasonal ingredients? Yes please!), and today is no different. Seasons 52 recently switched over to their new menu inspired by the fall season, and I knew that the event would be a taste treat, as always!

We started off with a new appetizer on the menu: the double hummus and sea salt lavosh. Cute presentation, right? The hummus flavors were both delicious: one was roasted red pepper, the other a minted edamame. This dish was definitely a great way to start off a meal. The crispy crackers paired with the creamy hummus were a wonderful combination.

Next, we were served up some slices of portobello mushroom flatbread – this is a new favorite! I don’t even enjoy mushrooms and I enjoyed this flatbread – what does that say?!?! It contains spinach, garlic, portobello mushrooms, blue cheese, and a truffle sour cream drizzle. The flavor combination is amazing!

Our appetizers were served with a glass of Vista Hills Orange Pinot Gris – something I’d never tried before! Don’t worry, the wine doesn’t taste like oranges; it is just orange in hue!

The winemakers use an ancient technique of making white wine as you would red (with the skin on). The skins lend a color to the wine, and the process also gives the wine characteristics of both red and white. This wine is a great pick for diverse flavored foods! It was definitely a winner in my book.

Cider-glazed grilled chicken skewers were up next. They are a great appetizer to share around the table: the skewers are served over a Fuji apple slaw with jicama, cabbage, apples, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds. It paired wonderfully with the cider glazed chicken skeewers…a nice sweet and savory mix! We were served the skewers family style, but we also got to see how it would be presented at your table: seriously, how fun is this plate?

The skewers were served with a Farrier Andiron Semillon, which is a new varietal at Seasons 52. It has a richer mouthfeel, but is similar in taste to a Sauvignon Blanc…which is right up my alley!

Our second course contained an ingredient that I have not experienced a lot in my life: duck! I usually shy away from it, but after trying the Maple Leaf Farms Sesame Duck Salad, I am officially hooked! Seasons 52 serves this salad with duck breast that is marinated, grilled, and sliced on top of an “autumn style Waldorf salad,” if you will. The duck itself was cooked perfectly…with no greasy feel to it whatsoever!

The duck was served with Avanthia Godello Valdeorras, which was a special wine to note! Very little Godello wine is made; the Godello grape was almost extinct a while ago, but it has been making a comeback, and Seasons 52 boasts it as a part of their menu – how cool!

Do you recognize this steak from the summer menu? Well, it is continuing on to the fall, and it is just as good as before!

The All-Natural Piedmontese Steak is sourced from Nebraska, and boasts 25% less calories than regular beef. The flavor is incredible, and the lean nature of the beef is wonderful. This dish was (once again) a favorite around the table.

The steak was served with Tilia Bonarda, Mendoza – a red wine from Argentina. It was pointed out that Argentine grapes are grown at a great elevation, which leads to a longer growing season. The longer growing season creates big tannin, which makes it great to pair with beef!

The fourth course of our meal featured another ingredient I haven’t had the opportunity to eat much of: quail! We were served Manchester Farms All-Natural Grilled Quail, which was seasoned with salt and balsamic glaze:

On the side was a mushroom risotto and sauteed spinach and cippollini onions. Both were amazing side dishes, and I honestly could have just scooped a big bowl of mushroom risotto for myself and called it a night – it’s delicious!

We were served two different wines with the fourth course: a Michael Davide Petite Petit, Petite Sirah, as well as a Glenelly Cabernet Sauvignon. The folks at Seasons 52 wanted us to try both an “old world” and a “new world” wine with the dish to see which one we preferred. The Petite Petit is a “new world” style of wine. It is a blend of Petite Sirah and Petite Merlot, and has a “jam-like” flavor. On the other hand, the Glenelly Cabernet Sauvignon is an “old world” wine from South Africa, which is more complex and earthy than the Petite Petit. Funny enough, Justin’s preference was for the Petite Petit, and mine was for the Glenelly Cabernet Sauvignon; go figure!

Dinner would not have been complete without a mini indulgence (or two)! Seasons 52 presented us with a tray of selections. And of course, there is a new indulgence for fall: the Pumpkin Pie mini indulgence with a gingersnap crust!

Who can resist a bit of pumpkin pie during the fall season? I can’t. And I must say that the Rocky Road mini indulgence STILL reigns as my favorite selection (sorry, pumpkin pie – you’re still special). So delicious.

Once again, Seasons 52 has yet another awesome menu celebrating the current season, and I am so glad that I was able to try it out and share the news with you all! If you have a Seasons 52 in your area, I suggest that you make a reservation for date night soon!

What would you like to try from Seasons 52’s new Autumn menu?

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