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Do you ever notice yourself getting stuck in a restaurant rut? What I mean is: do you tend to patronize the same restaurants over and over again? I have to admit: my family can be somewhat guilty of this (do you follow me on Twitter? Have you noticed how I am constantly checking in at Bonefish? My point exactly).

Anyway, thanks to the powers of Groupon, my parents, Justin, and I were able to make a trek to a new-to-us pizza place over in the Westchase area in Tampa. My mom spotted the deal a few months ago and snatched one up in the hopes that she’d discover a new place to dine. All I have to say is: thank you Groupon, because this place is a gem!

Pizza Fusion is, as you might guess, a pizza parlor. However, what makes it special is it’s philosophy and ingredients. It offers organic ingredients, as well as vegan and gluten free options. How great is that? Pizza Fusion happens to have locations across the country, so you might be able to find one in your neighborhood. And if you do have one nearby, I’d recommend you stop in to try it out.

We decided to order two different pizzas to sample between the four of us. It was almost impossible for us to choose, because the menu options all sound amazing! Ultimately, we settled on the sausage and tricolor peppers:

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Sweet Italian sausage, tricolor peppers, organic tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, and red pepper flakes. Overall, it was a great mixture of sweet and spicy!

The other pizza of choice for the evening was a bit of a custom order: the Farmer’s Market pizza with pepperoni added.

It contained roasted artichoke hearts, roasted zucchini, red onion, and roasted portobello mushrooms, with organic tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan cheeses. I loved how large the roasted vegetables were: doesn’t the pizza look beautiful? Also: do you SEE the size of those pepperonis? They were enormous!

Both of our pizzas were made on Pizza Fusion’s multigrain crust, which was flavorful, crisp, and delicious! They also offer an original organic white crust as an option: it’s your choice in the end.

All in all, I was incredibly happy with our experience at Pizza Fusion. I’ll be honest with you: we never order in pizza at our home. I make homemade pizzas somewhat regularly because I like having control of the toppings and the work going into the pie. I am a NOTORIOUS pizza blotter when I’m given pizza; I’m the girl who asks the server for a huge stack of paper napkins so that I can soak up all of the excess grease that accumulates on top of pizzas. I know: it sounds gross, but that is the only way I can bring myself to eat a slice ordinarily. HOWEVER, when it comes to Pizza Fusion’s pizza, I know I can put away the napkins. The quality ingredients (and the fact that they don’t overload your pizza with cheese) result in a non-greasy pie. Thank goodness! I have a feeling we’ll be back to visit Pizza Fusion soon (I really want to try the spinach and artichoke pie)!

Do you prefer ordering out/going out for pizza, or making it at home? What are your all-time favorite pizza toppings?

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  • Sounds like my kind of pizza place since we’re now being super conscious about eating organic!! The one in NJ is suuper far from us, but if we ever find our way to the North Shore area, I’ll try it! I also make a lot of homemade pizzas–they’re quick and delicious, and I feel better about knowing I’m using real, whole ingredients!

  • It’s only 9:30 am and now i’m craving pizza. That looks amazing; I love the thin crust with toppings and sauce allllll the way out to the edges. YUM! I’m going to see where the closest one is to us.

  • We just bought a Groupon for a place that sounds similar to this near us in Ohio. It’s called Pizza BOGO. I am very excited to try it…..especially since they use local organic ingredients and have interesting toppings and combinations 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your Groupon!

  • I had this whole meal planned for tacos tonight and now all I can think of is pizza! This looks delicious! If you ever get to Gainesville (sometime soon, maybe?) I will be sure to take you to Satchel’s – our local pizza place that has off the wall decorations and the freshest, most delicious local ingredients.

  • HOLY YUM. Those pizzas look absolutely incredible. I prefer to make my own dinner versus going out, but it’s nice to have someone else prepare meals once in a while!

  • Wow, that place looks amazing! Even though I love trying new places, I get stuck in the restaurant rut often. Also, spinach and artichoke pie? Sounds like perfection!

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