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The awkward truth about living in a touristy town like Clearwater is that you don’t really frequent those areas as much as you’d think. Yes, Clearwater beach is great…but there are certain times of the year when I steer clear. I just can’t handle tourists and snow birds clogging up the streets.

However, there is a cafe near the beach that is absolutely wonderful. The Clear Sky Cafe is totally worth fighting the crowds for. The last time we dined there, the 4 of us decided on brunch. Awesome…choice…

K went for the traditional Eggs Bennie (although there are 4 others to choose from – I really want to try the Sardou Bennie with spinach, artichokes, and mornay sauce) aren’t they gorgeous?

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Justin opted for the Stuffed Burrito Sonora, containing Mexican sausage, scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, cheddar jack cheese, green chile avocado sauce, and ranchero sauce. It was a great combo of breakfast and lunch – yummers:

We absolutely had to try one of the french toast options after a few of them floated by on their way to other tables. My mom ordered the almond french toast, and oh boy was it decadent and delicious! The toast was thick…just how I like it (personally). This one featured hazelnut cinnamon egg batter…roasted sliced almonds…powdered sugar…and cinnamon butter:

Finally…I decided to partake in one of their crepe dishes. The Chicken Ranchero Crepes were seriously calling my name:

Light, fluffy crepes were filled with chicken, ranchero sauce, guacamole, monterrey jack cheese, and pico de gallo. I ate every…single…bite. They were wonderful.

Anyway – if you ever happen to find yourself in the Clearwater beach area, I would definitely recommend stopping by the Clear Sky cafe for breakfast or brunch. They also serve lunch and dinner, with live music outside (if morning time isn’t your thing). The atmosphere is boisterous and bright, and the staff has always been friendly and accommodating! And of course, the food is scrumptious!

Clear Sky Beachside Cafe

490 Mandalay Avenue, Clearwater Beach, FL, 33767

(727) 442-3684

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