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DIY Home + Garden

DIY Vertical Planter Garden

Today’s DIY project is one from our very own garden. We constructed it last weekend. It was only a matter of time before my vertical planter garden dream...


DIY Lollipop Flowers

Spring has sprung! Is anyone else astonished at how quickly the year is passing already?
I seriously can’t believe it.

Flowers are always a sign of...

DIY Home + Garden

Tree stump table DIY

It started with a storm.
Late last summer, a storm ran through our part of town. It wasn’t unusual by any means, but my in-laws’ backyard was...


DIY Coffee Filter Peony Tutorial

So, last week I showed you the steps I used to create a DIY coffee filter rose.
Today, there’s one more flower I want to show you how to make: a big...


DIY Coffee Filter Rose Tutorial

Last week, I debuted the coffee filter flower lampshade that I am oh so proud of. But, how did I create those flowers, you ask? Well, today I am going to show...


Christmas Crafting: Reindeer Gift Tag

Over the weekend, I had a little bit of time to wrap up some Christmas presents. However, when it came to one of my gift bags, I realized that there was no...

DIY Wine

A Clever Way to Wrap a Wine Bottle

I am so excited to share this project with you! If you’re anything like me, a go-to gift for a party, birthday, or other celebration, is typically a...

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