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Hi everyone, I’m Allie! I blog over at Everyday Adventures about life as a newlywed, including attempted home projects, cooking experiments and my general misadventures. (I’m also Mrs. Hyena on Weddingbee!)

When I moved in with my husband, our house was pretty much a blank slate. Matt had lived there for almost a year with a roommate, and it felt like a dude house, so I had to girlify it as quickly as possible. I hung curtains and art with gusto.

I never quite finished our office/guest room, though. The room has a lot of functions, and we tend to just dump stuff in there if we don’t know where else to put it. I had been looking for art for the guest room since I moved in. I wanted a large piece to put above the bed, but hadn’t been able to find anything that was juuuust right, at juuust the right price.

The room doesn’t have much color in it, except for some vintage hat boxes, throw pillows and a fake tree in the corner. Everything else is either beige or various shades of brown. I wanted to bring out some of the subtle colors in the room’s details, like the coral, dusty pink, rose gold, and sienna.

Luckily, I’m totally addicted to Pinterest, and one day this lovely popped up in my feed:

(image source)

I figured I could make something like this, and bring my own colors into it. So I did.


• 24”x36” canvas

• round hole punch (mine was 1.5”)

• Scrapbook papers — matte, glitter and metallic

• hot glue gun (the original tutorial called for spray adhesive; either works fine)

I punched out about 15 circles from each color of scrapbook paper.


I’m not very good at spacing things to make them look “random,” so instead of trying to space the circles, I just started throwing them at the canvas. It worked! When they landed in spots I didn’t like, I just picked them up and threw them again until I liked the way they looked.

Then, I hot-glued all the circles down. The ones on the edges of the canvas, I bent and hot-glued both the top and the side.


I love the way it turned out! I like the multi-colored look, and think it adds a happy bit of color to the room. Now to put it on the wall …

Have you ever re-created a piece of art?


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