De-cluttering the dresser, with a cake stand!

At the moment, Justin and I reside in a one bedroom apartment. It is definitely large enough for the two of us, but there is a lot to be desired in the storage department. Like many women, I have a lot of…stuff. One of the collections of “stuff” I have involves my perfume collection. My various bottles were spread out on top of one of the dressers in our bedroom. It worked, but looked relatively sad. And somewhat cluttered.

However, I found a simple solution to my cluttered dresser problem: a cake stand! Yep. A cake stand; who would have thought?

Cake stand as a perfume stand

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I snagged this small cake stand at Home Goods…for $5.99! I love the frosted green hue. All I needed to do was place my collection of perfume bottles on top, and voila! De-cluttered dresser.

The stand makes it so much easier to quickly clean off the top of my dresser: no more picking up each bottle individually! Whew. I love when you can find a simple solution like this for your decor!

Have you ever used an item for a purpose other than it was originally intended? What did you do?


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