DIY Coffee Filter Peony Tutorial

So, last week I showed you the steps I used to create a DIY coffee filter rose.

Today, there’s one more flower I want to show you how to make: a big, fluffy peony! This tutorial is even easier than the rose, and you are able to customize it as well. Pointy edges, rounded edges…solid color, two colors…you can vary it quite a bit!

DIY coffee filter peony 8

This tutorial is for the flower portion of the peony. If you’d like to add a stem, you can simply tape the bud to a straw (or something similar) and wrap with floral tape. Easy peasy.

To start, you’ll need the following materials: coffee filters, masking tape, and scissors. That’s it. Seriously!

DIY coffee filter peony 1


1. First, separate 6 coffee filters from the stack.

2. Gently smooth/flatten out the filters so they are easy to fold.

3. Next, while holding the filters together in a stack, fold them in half, then again into quarters.

DIY coffee filter peony 2

4. Use a pair of scissors to cut points (or scallops if preferred) across the top edge of the folded filters.

5. Separate one filter from the stack and set aside. Keep the remaining 5 filters folded into quarters.

DIY coffee filter peony 3

6. Hold on to the folded filters and carefully snip off the pointed end. Don’t cut too much: just a small snip!

7. Pick up the filter that was set aside. Pinch it in the center and twist to make a pointed end.

DIY coffee filter peony 4

8. Unfold the other filters and smooth them out. Pick up one of them and slide the pointed end of the twisted filter into the hole in the center. Hold the pointed end and gently twist the filters together. Continue this process with the remaining filters. You will see a fluffy peony shape form!

DIY coffee filter peony 5

9. When all the filters have been added, twist the bottom end firmly and fluff the flower to desired texture. Then, clip a piece of masking tape about 3 inches long and carefully wrap around the base of the flower. Pinch to secure, then fluff the peony again to finish.

DIY coffee filter peony 7

Enjoy your flowers! I hope you take a few moments to create one of these easy coffee filter flowers – they are seriously a snap to make. Use them to decorate an item (like my lampshade), or spread them out across a tabletop for a pretty centerpiece or tablescape! There are plenty of options.

I’m not kidding when I say there are so many amazing coffee filter flower tutorials around, so make sure to check them all out to get inspired like I did! Aunt Peaches has spectacular watercolor versions (the two tone ones on Design*Sponge are a really fun variation too), Lemon Jitters created some really awesome shapes with her flowers, I love the simple shape of the ones by Orange Kitty Crafts, All Things Paper has a really funky looking flower tutorial, Brown Paper Packages and Unusually Lovely made their own peonies using Michella Marie‘s tutorial, The Pink Doormat made peonies out of cupcake liners, I love how Homemade Serenity used various petal textures on her flowers, a Weddingbee member crumpled her filters to make peonies, and Papery + Cakery shared a template to print and hand painted the edge of the filters to get stunning results. I’m sure this isn’t an exhaustive list, but it should get you started!

Do you have any other clever uses for coffee filters?



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